From the Archives - Some Speakers and their Topics

17th January 1952 - Mr. W.F.Witte - Fluorescent Lighting

26th March 1953 - Mr. J. Gittens, Head of Aycliffe School (what we used to call Borstal) - Thugs or Mugs?

9th August 1953 - Sgt. Sessford, Durham County Constabulary - Police Dogs, Their Training and Uses

22nd October 1953 - Prof. A. Burstall, Kings College, Newcastle - The History of Engineering

17th December 1953 - The Bishop of Durham (Dr. A.M. Ramsey) - The Coronation

21st January 1954 - Mr. D.M. Anthony, Chief Inspector, Bristol Aeroplane Company - An Introduction to Gas Turbines

13th May 1954 - Dr. G.E.Duggan-Keen, Consultant Psychiatrist - Advances in Psychiatry

26th November 1954 - Bob Hardisty (the football legend), Captain of the English XI - The 1948 Olympic Games

What an eclectic mix! Bear in mind that the lunch-time meetings had a 2pm finish, strictly adhered to.
Just think - The History of Engineering in 25 minutes - wow!
And I would have loved to have heard Dr. Ramsey describe his experiences at the Coronation.

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