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Club Bulletin - December 2019

3 December

Our meeting was in the form of a visit to Emergency One at Caponacre.   Nine of our members plus two guests were welcomed by Chester Smith and given a tour of the premises.   Emergency One has established itself as one of the largest operators of its kind in the UK which can deal with the assembly and maintenance of fire engines and appliances.   

With almost 250 staff including 40 apprentices, they assemble appliances for Scotland, London and throughout the UK.   The assembly lines are able to cope with a 6 week turnaround, and we were able to see the whole process in operation with explanations given and our questions answered.   

After the enjoyable and enlightening visit, we adjourned to the Thistle Inn for a much appreciated meal.

10 December

We were back at the Royal Hotel for this meeting, and were pleased to welcome three Rotarians from Alloway, with invitations to attend a Burns Supper at the end of January.   Several of our members showed interest.

We heard that our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy had raised about £500 from their bottle stall in the Christmas Fair held in Cumnock on 30 November, and a further £100 in a similar stall in New Cumnock the following week.   "Break the Silence" is one of the charities to benefit from these fundraising activities.   

This week's Prize Draw winner was Jim Kyle.

17 December

This was our final meeting of 2019 to which we invited honorary members, partners and guests, including four members of Interact, to join us for a Christmas meal.   More than thirty of us settled down for our meal, at the end of which we were addressed by Rev. Morag Garrett the minister of Ochiltree and Stair, who reminded us of the deeper meaning of Christmas behind all the tinsel, feasting and merriment.   

We had an expanded raffle with several prizes, the proceeds of which were in aid of the "Save the Children"charity.

Club Bulletin - November 2019

5 November

Tonight our speaker was Jon Herd, a member of Kilmarnock Rotary Club and a former police officer.   In 2004 he had been seconded from the Police Service to travel to Jordan to be part of a coalition of countries who were providing training to the refashioned Police Service in Iraq after the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime.   The new recruits were well motivated but initially wary of the  trainers coming from other countries to a "neutral" territory.

He explained how  he had to adapt the recommended training content to reflect the real problems which the trainees had to face in Iraq.   In the process he learned to speak their language reasonably well and was able to establish an effective relationship with them.   He was there for a year and left with a better understanding of the situation in Iraq and the Middle East.

19 November

This week we had as speaker a representative of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.   He told us about the expanded role of the service and gave us a more detailed account of measures which can be taken to make our homes safe.   Fire prevention advice is freely available and home visits can be arranged.   Not only is information and advice given, but practical assistance with the installation of smoke detectors and other warning devices can be offered.   Special devices for those with hearing and other difficulties are available, and attention was drawn to some of the dangers which can be encountered in the kitchen, living room and throughout the home.


There were no speakers on 12 November and 26 November but there was the usual exchange of information on club activities and plans.   Some members had attended the Remembrance Service in Cumnock and it was agreed that a more formal involvement will be considered for future years.

The weekly Prize Winners over the four meetings were Jim Kyle, Jim Wilson, Sylvia Reid and Alison Kipling. 

Club Bulletin - October 2019
8 October
Our speaker tonight was David Wright, Project Manager of Morrison's Construction, who are building the new Barony Campus at Broomfield in Cumnock. This is to replace the present Auchinleck Academy and Cumnock Academy, and also replace Greenmill Primary, and associated Special Needs facilities in Cumnock.
He showed us a plan and photos of the vast building complex which is thought to be the largest similar project in the UK and possibly Europe. He also showed us examples of how the site was cleared, foundations were laid, the walls, ceiling and internal structures were built, as well as the external facilities such as the two sports pitches and running track. The campus should be completed and be ready to be occupied by August next year.
22 October
Tonight our speaker was Diane Douglas, who is heavily involved with the Netherthird Community Garden as a project worker/volunteer. She began her involvement with the garden 7 years ago and paid tribute to the originator of the project, Maggie, who has managed to attract not only participants but also volunteer helpers.
On a 2 acre site she has developed a complete nursery garden with areas for propagation, raised beds, growing areas, play areas, nature areas and quiet areas, as well as a polytunnel for cover. The garden has attracted the interest and support of Dumfries House, East Ayrshire Council, and Netherthird Primary School, and many other services.
Quite apart from the obvious facilities and activities offered, an equally important function has been to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for the benefit of the local community and encouragement to get involved to tackle the problem of social isolation and mental health.
29 October
At this meeting the audited accounts for the previous financial year were presented to members for their consideration. Members were guided through all items of income and expenditure, and were happy to approve the accounts. Members were informed of some minor changes being made for the running of the club and were happy to agree to these.
A report was given of the work done by six members on the previous Sunday to plant another 4000 crocus bulbs in the grounds of Cumnock Hospital. This is to extend the area already planted in support of the world-wide Rotary campaign to "End Polio Now".
The meetings on 1 October and 15 October were normal club nights with no speaker or specific business to be conducted. The Prize Draw winners over the meetings in October were Peter Shipton, Agnes Cowan, Gerald Alexander and Jim Wilson, with no draw being held on 15 October.

Club Bulletin - September 2019

Club Bulletin - September 2019

3 September

On our first meeting in September we had a visit by this year's District Governor, Jimmy Johnstone MBE.   He took the chance to tell us about some of the events being organised by the District, which covers most of the West and South West of Scotland, from Oban to Stranraer.   He asked us to continue with our efforts to add to our membership, and to focus on action in the community.

10 September

Tonight we welcomed to our meeting five Rotarians on a friendly visit from Kilmarnock Rotary Club.   Our speaker for the evening was Jim McMahon, our local councillor.   

Jim told us about how he had become involved in local politics.   He spent many years working as a coal miner, and later got involved in trade union matters.   This background encouraged his interest in community welfare, and in 2017 he was elected as a councillor.   He was quickly thrown in at the deep end and has been involved in a large variety of committees and working groups, including community safety, the elderly, prison welfare, litter campaigns, roads and traffic services.

17 September

This was a club night to review recent activities, starting with our annual golf tournament for charity.   Having made a few changes to the format this year, the general view was that these had been helpful and should be continued but some adjustments should be made in procedures.

24 September

Our speaker tonight was Rachel Borland who had participated a few years ago in a SAS type programme.   This involved a pre-selection interview and assessment, followed by an intensive few weeks, mainly in Namibia, where she underwent several experiences which were designed to test physical, mental and emotional stamina.   She was part of a group which reduced in numbers as the days went by, and was one of the few who lasted  to the end.   Looking back she was glad to have had the opportunity to test herself against the challenge and had gained much from it - but she has no desire to repeat the experience.

Prize Draw Winners

  3 September John Swanson

10 September Jimmy McGhee

17 September Iain Christie

24 September Dave Perriman

Club Bulletin - August 2019

August was one of our busiest months of the year, with  two of our major outdoor events as well as our normal weekly club meetings.   

Cumnock Highland Games

These were held on Sunday 25 August in Woodroad Park, Cumnock on one of the sunniest, warmest and driest days of the year.   The event attracted a huge crowd of competitors, participants, performers, stall holders and spectators, and Cumnock Rotary had a stall to continue its involvement over many years.

This year however we had our own "tent" in which to set up our stall, as opposed to previous years when we borrowed a tent from some other source.   Our new tent with our colours, logo and graphics was obtained by courtesy of a grant from the "Bags of Help" scheme run by our local branch of Tesco in Auchinleck, and which was voted for by large numbers of shoppers who deposited their blue tokens in our favour.   We wish to thank both the shoppers and Tesco for their support, and would urge other community groups to take advantage of the generous involvement of Tesco in local affairs.

This year we ran a Bottle Stall with a raffle and sold a variety of inflatable toys in aid of local charities, and these were well supported by the public and the participants and organisers of the Games.

Charity Golf Tournament

Our 18th Amateur Golf Tournament in aid of charity was held on Friday 30 August at Ballochmyle Golf Course.   The main charities which were being supported were "Beautiful Inside and Out" and "Epilepsy Scotland".   An account of the event, which was very successful in spite of the weather, will be given in next month's report.

Club Meetings

Our meetings on 6, 13 and 20 August were mainly concerned with making the arrangements for the Highland Games and Golf Tournament, and for future club nights.

On 27 August our speaker was Alistair Duff of Urquhart Opticians.   He gave us a very informative talk on the variety of eye conditions which can be treated with spectacles, drugs or minor surgical operations.   These include the side effects of diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration.   He also stressed how a good diet can help to delay or minimise the chances of these conditions occurring.   A regular intake of fresh oily fish, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables are all beneficial.

Weekly Prize Draw Winners

  6 August Barbara Goudie

13 August Jim Liddell

20 August Iain Christie

27 August Peter Shipton

Club Bulletin - July 2019

2 July

The speaker scheduled for the first meeting of our new session was unable to attend.   We heard from our members of their experiences at the various Primary School prize-giving days they had attended to hand out dictionaries to Primary 7 school leavers.

We also heard that two of the schools, Dalrymple and Greenmill, had successfully taken part in the Enterprise Scheme we offer to Primary Schools.   The pupils had enjoyed coming up with ideas to make their money grow.

The Prize Draw winner tonight was John Swanson.

9 July

This meeting was used to continue with our two planning groups set up to discuss plans for the coming year.

We also had a report from Roger Clark on the trial setting up of the new gazebo style tent which we now have, courtesy of the grant  received from Tesco under their scheme to support local community groups.   This will be used at various community events in the area, the first likely to be the Cumnock Highland Games on Sunday 25 August.

The Prize Draw was won by Jim Wilson.

16 July

We had a speaker tonight, Alex Beagrie, who told us about a project he had been involved with in promoting a type of community policing in Malawi.   Alex is an experienced police officer who has had several trips to Malawi to offer help in improving the local police services by providing training and support with local projects.   These include food insecurity programmes and protection of vulnerable clients from exploitation.   This project is just one in a long history of strong connections which Scotland has had with Malawi since the days of David Livingstone, and the more recent involvement of former First Minister Jack McConnell and currently the Mary's Meals charity.

We also had a visit by Craig Wilson, an Assistant Governor for  Rotary covering South Ayrshire.   He is a member of Ayr Rotary and took the opportunity to highlight some of the projects being tackled, including the growing need for foodbanks.

Tonight the Prize Draw winner was Iain Christie.

23 July

Tonight we had reports from our two planning groups which had met in recent weeks.   The first had discussed our various community projects and fund-raising activities, and had come up with several suggestions for new ventures.   The second had been looking at the structure and programme of our regular  meetings and had highlighted several aspects which could make these more effective and enjoyable.   All these ideas will now help us to shape our activities for the new season.

We also had a brief report tonight from Lesslie Young, wife of member Ian Young, who had recently been involved in a 10,000 feet parachute jump to raise funds for Epilepsy Scotland.   Many of our members had given financial support to the project and congratulated Lesslie on her efforts.

Lesslie was also the lucky winner of our Prize Draw tonight!

30 July

After an online survey of members' views on meeting arrangements, we had some further discussion and adopted 2 or 3 ideas which we will try out in the next few meetings.   We also considered some aspects of  the Charity Golf day scheduled for Friday 30 August.   

The Prize Draw winner tonight was Dave Perriman.

Club Bulletin - June 2019

Club Bulletin - May 2019

7 May

There was no speaker tonight.   We discussed the arrangements for a few of our upcoming projects (phone directories, calendars, planting crocuses, Interact and Primary 7 Quiz Final).

Prize Draw winner was Jim Liddell.

14 May

Our speaker tonight was Ian McAnullai.   Ian has a special interest in political or editorial cartoons - the type that appear in newspapers and magazines.   He gave us an interesting account of the history of these pictorial comments on the nature of political figures and events from the beginning of times.   The cartoons usually involve caricatures of some high profile figures and include a play on words.   He showed us examples from the  UK, USA,  Germany and the Middle East over the past 100 years and the stories behind them.

Tonight's Prize Draw winner was Peter Shipton.

21 May

Tonight we had a report on the District Primary School Quiz Final held in Glasgow earlier in the day.   Our area was represented by Greenmill PS, winners of our local event.   They delivered a good performance but were just outside the top three teams out of 22 teams competing from the West of Scotland.   Well done Greenmill.

We also heard that our local Young Photographer winner did well in the National event but did not manage to get into the top three.   

The other main event coming up in the summer months is our annual golf charity competition at Ballochmyle,   and we explored some  options to make the event more interesting and more successful.

The Prize Draw winner was Iain Christie.

28 May

In the first part of our meeting we had a report on the latest meeting of our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy.   Numbers attending are good and their fundraising plans for their chosen charities are progressing well. 

We heard that our 400 plus dictionaries for presentation to P7 pupils in the area of Cumnock and Doon Valley have arrived and are safely stored.

Our Charity Golf Competition at Ballochmyle is being rescheduled for Friday 30 August and we hope to have a prize of a new car for a golfer achieving a "hole in one".

Our speaker tonight was our most recent new member, Sylvia Reed, who gave us a potted history of her working life.   Sylvia's early years were spent in Craigens, and she started work in Mauchline in a printing business.   She soon developed an interest in travel and undertook a variety of jobs on the continent of Europe, especially Italy, and then further afield in the Middle East and USA.   She eventually returned to this area, undertook further training and spent many years in a government agency in Caponacre.   She is now the chief officer for a community project in Netherthird.

Tonight's Prize Draw was won by Jimmy McGhee.

Club Bulletin - April 2019

Club Bulletin - March 2019

Primary School Quiz
On 15 March we held our annual quiz contest between P7 pupils from local primary schools. We had a new venue this year, the refurbished Town Hall in New Cumnock which was an ideal setting for the 6 schools which took part. The teams of 4 plus a reserve were faced with 10 rounds of questions on general knowledge and a range of specific topics such as Scotland, geography, sport, books, TV and film etc. The competition was keenly contested and the eventual winners were Greenmill PS and the runners-up were Netherthird PS. The winners will represent this area in a final to be held in the Glasgow area later this year. The other schools taking part were St Patrick's, Catrine, Mauchline and New Cumnock.

The event attracted a large turnout of parents and supporters, together with members of our Interact Club in Cumnock Academy who helped with arrangements on the night. All the contestants were provided with bottles of water and snacks, and members of the audience were offered teas, coffees and biscuits. The splendid facilities in the hall were greatly appreciated and helped to make this a very enjoyable event.

Club Meetings

On 5 March we considered our programme of events for later this year, including the Charity Golf event at Ballochmyle in June and the Highland Games in Cumnock to be held in August. The Prize Draw this evening was won by Jim Wilson.

On 12 March we were pleased to welcome a visiting Rotarian from South Africa, Tom McGhee. Tom was originally from the Cumnock area and had visited us 9 years ago on his last trip to Scotland. Our speaker this evening was PC Chris Bysouth, who runs the local group of Police Scotland Youth Volunteers. The group of 24 teenagers meet weekly in facilities at Dumfries House, and engage in a big variety of community service projects throughout Ayrshire. These include leaflet drops, gala days, air show, litter pick etc. Their services are available to other community events, and the young people develop through these acts of good citizenship. The Prize Draw winner tonight was Ian Young.

On 19 March, we split into our 2 sub groups to discuss Club and Community issues. We also agreed on the charities which we would be supporting at this year's Charity Golf tournament. The Prize Draw was won this evening by John Swanson.

Ten Pin Bowling

On 26 March our meeting took the form of an outing to the LA Bowl in Ayr. A group of 13 started off with a meal in the restaurant and then we split into 3 teams of 4 with one non-playing observer/recorder. We then proceeded on to the 3 alleys allocated for 2 sets of 10 rounds, at the end of which we were ready to sit down and recover. Various techniques and antics were displayed, and most of the bowls made their way to the far end where the skittles were standing - defiantly. There were varying degrees of success - and a few wipe-outs with one bowl! The winning team members led by Jim Kyle each received a (small) cream egg.

The member with the highest individual score was Roger Clark (who had organised the event). The outing had been enjoyed so much that it is likely to be repeated in the not too distant future.

Interact Coffee Morning
On 29 March our Interact Club held a Coffee Morning at Cumnock Academy to raise funds for the charities they are supporting this year. Assisted by some of our Rotarians and supported by pupils, staff and visiting parents and others, they managed to raise over £500 which was a magnificent achievement.

Club Bulletin - February 2019

Support to Local Groups

At our club meeting on 12 February, we presented a cheque for £200 to Dickie Scott, secretary of the New Cumnock Golf Club.   The money will be used to help provide equipment to encourage young people to take up the game of golf.   

Burns Night

On 19 February we held our Burns Night in the Royal Hotel, Cumnock.   This was a joint meeting with members of the Loudoun Rotary Club.   We had 50 members, guests and performers who enjoyed a traditional Burns Supper, and were then entertained by songs from Rowan and Victoria Hastie, toasts delivered by Ian Burgoyne and Elizabeth Conchar, and a tribute to Robert Burns by Graham Wight.   Ian Andrew had addressed the Haggis, which had been piped in by Jean Allardyce, and a Vote of Thanks to all the performers had been given by Barbara Goudie.   The Selkirk Grace had been delivered by Jimmy McGhee and the whole proceedings had been in the charge of President Jim Kyle.

Purple for Polio Campaign

We were pleased to see this month that our efforts to provide a display of purple crocuses in the grounds of the Cumnock Community Hospital were having the desired results.   There are now several areas in the grassy mounds at the front of the hospital and these are supported by small sign posts indicating their purpose as part of Rotary's campaign to eradicate polio throughout the world.

Theatre Night

On Wednesday 27 February a large group of members, partners and friends travelled to the Ayr Gaiety Theatre to see the stage show "Half a Sixpence" based on the 1967 production which starred Tommy Steele.   They enjoyed the show immensely and also the meal prior to the show at a local restaurant.   A good night out!

Club Bulletin - January 2019

8 January

This was the first meeting of the New Year.   We heard that the dictionaries for presentation to Primary 7 pupils had been ordered and paid for (440 in total) for delivery in May or June.   We also considered a new venue for our annual schools quiz, namely New Cumnock Town Hall.   And we approved a grant of £200 to New Cumnock Golf Club to help with promoting the  game of golf to the younger generation.   The Prize Draw winner tonight was Peter Shipton.

15 January

Tonight we  had a speaker Kenny Caldwell, who is a local film maker.   He explained how he got into film-making, initially as a hobby but later on developing his interest into a business activity.   He showed us some of his work over the years from early amateur attempts to more recently produced commercial films for corporate promotion.   Our Prize Draw winner tonight was Jim Liddell.

22 January

Our meeting was a normal club night where we discussed our plans for the year.   We continued making arrangements for our Burns Night in February, and also agreed to having a night at the Ayr Ten Pin Bowling venue in March.   We also intend to participate in the Cumnock Highland Games in August.   Our lucky Prize Draw winner was Peter Shipton for the second time this month!

29 January

Unfortunately our scheduled speaker had to call off due to illness, so we concentrated on club business.   We were delighted to hear that we are to receive a grant from Tesco's Bags of Help Scheme which will enable us to enhance our activities in the area.   We have now arranged to hold our annual P7 Schools Quiz in New Cumnock Town Hall on Friday March 15th.   We also had a report on the latest meeting of our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy.   The Prize Draw winner tonight was Agnes Cowan.

Club Bulletin - December 2018

Christmas Markets

Some of our members helped our Interact Club to set up a Bottle Stall at the Cumnock Market on Friday 30 November and the New Cumnock Market on Saturday 8 December.   The Cumnock Market was held in the Square on a cold but mainly dry day but the New Cumnock Market had to be relocated to the Town Hall because of the rain.   Both were well supported by the members of the public, and between them raised over £600 for their chosen charities.   This year the charities to be supported are "Break the  Silence" and "Scottish Association for Mental Health" - otherwise known as "SAMH".

Club Meetings

On 4 December we were able to review our recent activities and make arrangements for future events.   The Prize Draw winner tonight was Jim Liddell.

On 11 December our scheduled speaker was unfortunately ill and unable to attend our meeting.   At short notice Ian Young, one of our more recent recruits, gave us a talk on his working career.   Ian started in the printing trade in Glasgow but later joined the Ministry of Defence Police Service before transferring to the Strathclyde Police Force.   In recent years he has been employed at Hansel Village, Ayr.   He highlighted some of the experiences he had in his varied career and answered questions from members.   Prize Draw winner tonight was Gerald Alexander.

On 18 December we had our Christmas meal in the Royal Hotel, Cumnock and welcomed more than 30 members, partners and guests.   Among the guests were four members of our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy.   After an excellent 3 course meal, we were pleased to have as our speaker a former member - Rev Scott Rae.   He gave us an amusing account of the history and traditions of the festive season but reminded us of the core message at the heart of Christmas.

We now have a break in meetings until 8 January 2019.

Club Bulletin - November 2018

60th Anniversary

This was held on Friday 2 November in the Dumfries Arms Hotel.   We had an attendance of almost 100, composed of members, past members, partners and members from other clubs in our district.   After an excellent meal, we were entertained by a variety of speakers with a musical interlude provided by local musicians, Dale Parker and Lindsay Cook.   There was general agreement that it  had been a most enjoyable evening to commemorate our Diamond Anniversary - here's to the future!

Crocus Planting

On Tuesday 4 November a group of seven Rotarians assisted by two of our Interact Club members, Nadine Bell and Liam Armstrong, got down to the task of planting 5000 crocus corms in the grounds of the Cumnock Hospital to raise awareness of Rotary's campaign to rid the world of Polio.   All the bulbs are purple and will add to the 10000 bulbs planted in the past two years.   We were lucky to have sunny dry weather during the planting process and look forward to a big splash of colour in the new year.


Our meeting on 6 November was concerned with normal reports and plans.

On 13 November we had a talk from Bill Stafford, formerly of East Ayrshire Council but now a Depute to the Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire and Arran.   He gave us an interesting insight into the duties carried out by the Lord Lieutenant and his Deputes, such as making arrangements for Royal visits, garden parties, presentation of awards to members of the public, recognition of special birthdays and other anniversaries.   Since his appointment he has been involved in most of these occasions.

On 20 November we had an outside visit to Brown Bros, Kirkconnel.   This is a meat processing/packing business which is now the largest of its kind in Scotland.   We were kitted out with the necessary protective and hygienic clothing and footwear and given an hour long tour of the various stages of the process, from the arrival of the fresh meat  to the eventual loading of the finished product on lorries for distribution to all destinations in the country.   This is an impressive business providing much needed employment to hundreds of workers in the former mining area and further afield, and providing chilled and frozen meat products highly valued by stores throughout the country.

On 27 November our speaker was David Bowman who is the chairman of Opportunities in Retirement (Ayr).   He told us the history of the group which was set up in 1985 with about 20 members and now has more than 1000.   It caters to people over the age of 50 who are retired or semi-retired and who wish to remain active and  involved in a variety of activities and social occasions with like-minded  others.   Most of their members come from Ayr, Prestwick and Alloway and they have the same objectives as other similar groups throughout Ayrshire.   On a weekly basis the Ayr OiR provide about 80 activity groups (games, crafts, music, culture, current affairs) meeting in a variety of venues, as well as having occasional trips and tours in Scotland and further afield.

Club Bulletin - October 2018

Tuesday 2nd

Mungo Tulloch of the Ayrshire Samaritans was our speaker tonight and he gave us an insight into the work and ethos of the voluntary group.   The Ayrshire Branch has 34 volunteers working in shifts to provide a round-the-clock telephone service to people who find themselves in a difficult, desperate or overwhelming situation.   Social relationships and emotional problems figure highly in the calls, and workplace, family and school environments.   

The Samaritan will provide in an impartial and non-judgmental way the opportunity for callers to talk about their circumstances, and will try to help them to find a way forward.   They may offer suggestions but will leave it to the callers to make their own decisions.

Prize Draw winner tonight - Iain Christie.

Tuesday 9th

Arrangements for  our 60th Anniversary event were discussed further.   Interest among members, former members and other Rotary Clubs is high and we are getting close to our target of 100 people attending our function.

After business we had a talk from one of our newer recruits, Peter Shipton.   Peter had been a member of Nairn Rotary Club and having moved to Ayrshire he welcomed the chance to transfer his membership to Cumnock Rotary.   Peter was born and raised in the south of England, but has spent the bulk of his life in the north of Scotland.   He qualified in Plant Pharmacology and worked initially with the Ministry of Agriculture.   He later entered private  practice and specialised in crop disease and organic agriculture.   His experiences and views stimulated much interest among our members.

The Prize Draw was won this evening by Jim Liddell.

Tuesday 16th

No speaker tonight so we focussed on reports and plans.   Our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy has raised over £200 in a fund-raising venture for charity.   We have plans to extend our purple crocus planting area at Cumnock Community Hospital as part of  Rotary's "End Polio Campaign".   Planting is to take place on Sunday morning 4th November.

Our lucky Prize Draw winner tonight was Dave Perriman.

Tuesday 23rd

Another night without a speaker allowing us time to discuss further the arrangements for our 60th Anniversary event to be held in the Dumfries Arms Hotel on Friday 2nd November.   We also heard that our Interact Club will be running a Bottle Stall at this year's Christmas Market in the Square in Cumnock on Friday 30th November.

The Prize Draw winner tonight was guest Alison Kipling.

Tuesday 30th

Our speaker tonight was Michelle Breen who is a Food Farming and Horticulture instructor at Dumfries House.   As part of the wider education team on the estate, Michelle was able to give an outline of the range of educational opportunities and experiences being offered to young people of all ages.   Pupils from both primary and secondary schools are introduced to hands on activities in farming, healthy eating, food preparation and hospitality, as well as outdoor activities, building crafts and science and engineering activities.   These are all linked to the school curriculum and industrial training requirements, and add greatly to the opportunities offered in this area.

Michelle received an unexpected reward by being the winner of the prize draw tonight.

Tesco Bags of Help Scheme

We were pleased to hear that our application to the above scheme for funding to extend our involvement throughout communities in our area has been successful.   Two other community groups have also been successful in their applications and all three have been put forward for consideration by Tesco customers in their Auchinleck store during the months of November and December.   Customers will have the chance to support any or all of these projects by using the blue tokens issued by the store each time a purchase is made.

We would encourage readers to respond to the generosity of the Tesco store by using the tokens to support the project or projects of their choice.

To find out more about Rotary and how to be involved, contact our Secretary  David Perriman on 07825 374508.

Club Bulletin - September 2018

Tuesday 4th

Tonight we had two visitors from Alloway Rotary Club, Esther Gordon and Hilary Christy.   They were seeking support from other clubs for a project they were backing, South Ayrshire Young Carers.

Four of our members responded to an appeal for practical help in the construction of a Bog Garden at Netherthird Garden project.   On Thursday 30th August, President Jim Kyle, Roger Clark, Ian Young and Gerald Alexander rolled up their sleeves and got stuck into some heavy groundwork.   Their efforts were greatly appreciated by the organisers.

The rest of our evening was devoted to upcoming events and future activities.   The Prize Draw was won by Jim Kyle.

Tuesday 11th

Tonight we were pleased to welcome Ian Young of Sorn to membership of our club and to Rotary International.   Ian had been introduced to the club by Jim Wilson and had been attending meetings and also helping at some events over the past two months.

We had a report from the latest meeting of our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy.   The members have decided on the two main charities  they will be raising funds for this year, and hope also to be able to fund an Aqua Box or similar project for overseas disaster relief.

We decided that the funds we raised at the recent Highland Games held in Cumnock would enable us to donate £150 to the Rotary worldwide Polio Eradication campaign.   Our Prize Draw winner tonight was John Swanson.

Tuesday 18th

Our speaker tonight was Gary Brown who is a Welfare Reform Worker with the Citizen's Advice Bureau.   He is based in Kilmarnock but there are local services in many of the communities in our area.   The CAB offers free, independent and impartial advice and support on a wide range of financial matters, including welfare benefits, credit services and money management.   The introduction of the Universal Credit system has resulted in an increasing demand for these support services.

Agnes Cowan was our Prize Draw winner tonight.

Tuesday 25th

Instead of our usual meeting in the Royal Hotel, Cumnock we had made the decision to "scatter" to other Rotary Clubs in our District.   We try to do this at least once a year to maintain our links with other clubs and to share ideas and experiences with other members.   One member went to Garnock Valley, two to Ayr, another two to Strathaven and three to Loudoun.   Others who had been hoping to visit other clubs chose the wrong week to be doing it as the clubs concerned had cancelled their meetings for that week!   All the members who had  travelled were well received, and they were able to extend a personal invitation to our 60th anniversary event coming up in the near future.

If you want to find out more about Rotary - contact Dave Perriman at 07825 374508.

Club Bulletin - August 2018

Tuesday 7th

The start of another hectic month.   This was a general club night when arrangements were  being made for  upcoming events.   Our annual Charity Golf event at Ballochmyle, our involvement at the Highland Games at Woodroad Park in Cumnock, and our 60th Anniversary event in October.  Tonight's Prize Draw was won by Jim Kyle.

Tuesday 14th

Tonight we took time to map out our plans for our programme of activities and events for the coming year.

As well as our 60th Anniversary event, we intend to continue with a variety of speakers on a regular basis, social occasions, theatre  outing, a Burns Night, visits to other clubs and places of interest, and sporting activities.

We will also engage in a variety of fund-raising activites to support our community projects.   The projects will include our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy, our enterprise scheme for Primary Schools, our donation of dictionaries to all P7 pupils throughout Cumnock and Doon Valley area, our health awareness campaign, our crocus planting at the  front of Cumnock Hospital to highlight our "End Polio" campaign, our P7 quiz etc. etc.

We would  welcome new members and helpers to share our enjoyment and help us to expand our activities throughout the area - if you are interested, contact Dave Perriman on 07825 374508.

Prize Draw winner tonight was Jimmy McGhee.

Friday 17th

Our annual Charity Golf event at Ballochmyle had to contend with non-stop rain but all the competitors battled through to the end and were rewarded with an excellent hot buffet meal in the  clubhouse.   They all participated in the auctions, games and  raffle after the meal, as a result of which we were able to present two cheques of £1600 each to "Cash for Kids" and the "Kris Boyd Charity".   The event this year had support from the members of Cumnock Round Table, and we thank them and all the competitors, sponsors, advertisers, prize donors and raffle ticket purchasers for their generous support.

Sunday 19th

Today we had a stall at the Cumnock Highland Games in the Woodroad Park, Cumnock, to add to the enjoyment of spectators, performers and other participants.   We had a steady stream of people trying to guess the number of sweets in a jar (it was 208), purchasing purple crocus lapel badges for our World Health "End Polio" campaign, and bags of home made tablet.   We also had on display an Aqua Box and its contents as an example of the help typically sent to a disaster area anywhere in the world.

Tuesday 21st

Our speaker tonight was Pauline Moriarty who told us about her charity "Beautiful Inside and Out".   Pauline had set this charity up as a legacy to her daughter Jenna who had tragically taken her own life at the age of 13.   Pauline highlighted the lack of adequate support for bereaved families in that situation and was seeking to raise funds to increase awareness and understanding among professionals as well as members of the community, and to set up support mechanisms such as therapy sessions, using music and play.

Tonight's Prize Draw winner was Barbara Goudie.

Tuesday 28th

Now that schools have restarted after the summer holidays, we had a report that our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy had its first meeting of the new session last Friday.   The new office bearers are getting to grips with their duties and are in the process of enlisting new members before considering their plans for the future.

Our speaker  tonight was Filippo Mancini who gave us a talk on his famous ice cream business in Ayr.   He is the third generation of an Italian family who migrated to this country more  than 100 years ago.   He told us how his grandparents started the business in Ayr which he now runs and has achieved the highest honour in the UK 2018 for the quality of his ice cream.   He has now expanded the business to supplying ice cream to wedding functions and gave us samples of his product which went down very well!

The Prize Draw was won - again - by Barbara Goudie.

Club Bulletin - July 2018

Tuesday 3rd

A quiet start to our new Rotary Year with less happening in the July/August period.   Time to make plans for the busier times starting in September.

Tuesday 10th

Our speaker tonight was Lessley Young, Chief Executive of Epilepsy Scotland.   Lessley explained that epilepsy is much more prevalent than most people imagine.   There are more than 40 types of epilepsy, all with different degrees of severity and impact.   All are related to some malfunction in the brain which can lead to a variety of physical and mental reactions, the most visible being some form of seizure.   Much more research is needed, and those affected need much more understanding and support than is presently available.

Prize Draw winner - Iain Christie

Tuesday 17th

Our meeting tonight took place in the Dumfries Arms Hotel, Cumnock.   No speaker tonight - just a chance to discuss club matters generally.   We still had a Prize Draw which was won by Jim Wilson.

Tuesday 24th

We had a speaker tonight from the Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers, which was founded in 1483.   Stuart Wilson told us about the history of the group which is still going strong, but for pleasure and recreation rather than for defensive or aggressive purposes.   He spoke especially about the annual competition for the Silver Arrow trophy which involves shooting an arrow at a target (Papingo) suspended at the top of a 100 foot tower.   This was featured in a TV programme recently presented by Michael Portillo.

Prize Draw winner - Iain Christie

Tuesday 31st

Not such a good attendance tonight - five absentees.   The planned business meeting was curtailed but many of the issues were discussed briefly.   A small planning group has been set up to make arrangements for the club's 60th anniversary later this year.   We are planning to have a stall at the Cumnock Highland Games in Woodroad Park, Cumnock on 19th August.

Prize Draw winner - Dave Perriman

Other Activities

1. Golf

On Friday 20th four of our members travelled to Rowallan Castle outside Kilmarnock to compete in the annual Roger Clark Trophy competition.  This coincided with the first period of steady rain for almost 2 months.   This made the lengthy course even more of a challenge but they struggled to the end and gratefully retired to the clubhouse to take advantage of its fine catering facilities.   The contest was won - narrowly - by Roger Clark!

2. Food Parcels

On the same  weekend, President Jim Kyle and member Gerald Alexander took part in a District wide project at the Braehead Arena to fill bags with  Rice, Soya, Lentils and Vitamins to tackle the problem of famine in Africa.   More than 250 people took part and 75000 packs were prepared (equal to 450000 meals.   Well done - Jim and Gerald.

3. Help for Heroes

Also at the weekend, members Barbara Goudie assisted by Agnes Cowan set up a stall at the entrance to Asda in Townhead Street, Cumnock to help publicise the plight of former members of the armed services, many of whom need help with health, employment and other problems in trying to readjust to normal civilian society.   Under the banner "Help for Heroes", Barbara was able to raise over £600 from the sale of a variety of products (key rings, mugs, carrier bags etc.).   Well done - Barbara and Agnes.  

Club Bulletin - June 2018

Club Bulletin  -  June 2018

Tuesday 5th

Our guest speaker was unable to attend tonight so we focussed on some of our upcoming events.   It was decided  that our planned Croquet Day at Barskimming will be used to raise funds for a Shelter Box to be sent to a country affected by conflict, famine, storm damage or other cata-strophic event.   Our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy is in the process of change as the original founding members leaving school this year are being replaced by the next group of students.

Monday 11th

Two of our members attended Dalrymple Primary School to meet the P7 pupils who had been involved in an enterprise scheme encouraged by our club with a start-up loan.   The pupils had decided on an Ice Cream stall, made arrangements with a supplier for equipment and ingredients, publicised the event, and set it up in the school playground over several days.   The good weather attracted a big uptake by pupils, teachers, parents, friends and others.   All the P7 pupils had a role in the process and gained valuable insight into business experience as well as having a lot of fun.   Their endeavour succeeded in raising a substantial sum for the benefit of the school and pupils.

Tuesday 12th

We gave time to further planning for our Croquet Day, and  also for the distribution of dictionaries around the primary schools in the Cumnock and Doon Valley area.   We also agreed to purchase a further 5000 crocus corms for planting later this year at the community hospital in Ayr Road, Cumnock to expand the area already planted.   The crocuses which are all purple are to highlight Rotary International worldwide campaign to End Polio.

Friday 15th

Three of our members were involved in the distribution of dictionaries to all the primary schools in the Cumnock and Doon Valley area, from Muirkirk to Bellsbank and New Cumnock to Mauchline.   They delivered more than 400 illustrated dictionaries to 19 schools in all to be handed to every P7 pupil leaving school this year.   We have been providing these dictionaries every year for the past 10 years, and also by having a member present at the school Prize Giving days to personally hand them over to each individual pupil.

Sunday 17th

This was the day of our fund-raising Croquet event held in the grounds of Barskimming House, courtesy of Lord Strathclyde.   This is mainly a fun event, but there were some robust competitive challenges!   We also had a few side events such as Putting, Petanque (or Boules), Target Hoops (Croquet variation), and a raffle.   The weather started off OK but rain eventually came in to dampen enthusiasm.   However the event was well attended from this area and further afield, and raised almost £700 to enable us to cover the cost of a Shelter Box for overseas relief work.   Refreshments were provided throughout the afternoon - and the midges stayed away!

Tuesday 19th

This was a special general meeting to receive and approve accounts for the previous year, and determine finances for the next year.

We also had a report on another Primary School which had taken part in our school enterprise project.   The P7 pupils of Greenmill PS, Cumnock used their start-up loan to produce a magazine to celebrate the Football World Cup being held in Russia.   The pupils contributed articles, jokes, cartoons, quizzes etc. and sold copies to other pupils, friends, families, neighbours etc.   Although the project only made a modest profit, the learning experience was both beneficial and enjoyable.   The pupils decided to donate the proceeds to a cancer charity.

Tuesday 26th

Our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy is still attracting interest, not only in Cumnock but further afield.   It featured prominently in the school Year Book, and has been chosen as the Interact Club of the Year by Rotary District 1230 which covers the West of Scotland from Fort William to Stranraer and including Glasgow.   Two leading members were presented with a magnificent trophy at a ceremony in Glasgow in recognition of their efforts.

This was our final meeting of the 2017-18 year and saw President Arlene McCrorie hand over the chain of office to the new President, Jim Kyle.   The efforts of Dave Perriman and Roger Clark over the past year were rewarded by the presentation to them of the Loudoun Trophy and Inner Wheel Quaich respectively.   In our final act of the year members agreed that the monies collected on a weekly basis from our Prize Draw raffles and loose change Coin Box would be sent to Maggie's Cancer Care charity.

Club Bulletin - May 2018

Tuesday 1st

Tonight our speaker was Chris Donaldson, member of Cumnock Round Table but also an ambassador for the charity "Cash for Kids" in Ayrshire.   Chris highlighted the nature of the work the charity does to alleviate the effects of poverty in families - from helping out with basic essentials such as food and clothing, to providing a range of activities and experiences for the children.   The charity enlists the support of West FM and various benefactors and countless volunteers as well as running events throughout the year to raise funds.   

This week's Prize Draw winner - Iain Christie

Tuesday 8th

This was the night of our Annual General Meeting when reports were presented by convenors and suggestions made for future consideration.   Office bearers and convenors for the coming year were nominated and approved.

Prize Draw winner - Jim Liddell

Tuesday 15th

Tonight we had a talk on the Cumnock Action Plan by Bobby Grierson, one of its leading members.   He gave a brief history of the project and described some of its many initiatives to improve the facilities and local services in Cumnock.   He also outlined some of the events promoted by the group in the past 2 or 3 years, such as the highly popular Christmas Festival in the Square, which our own Interact Club took part in with a stall.   For a group that is still in its early years of development it has been successful in establishing itself in the experience of the community.  

The weekly Prize Draw was won by John Swanson.

Tuesday 22nd

We welcomed three visiting Rotarians from Ayr Rotary Club and one from Westport Rotary Club in New Zealand.   This is one of the benefits of Rotary, where members are welcome at meetings of other Rotary Clubs all over the world.   There are over 35000 clubs in more than 200 countries to choose from!   These visits can lead  to a healthy exchange of ideas among members and can often lead to the development of joint initiatives in international relationships.

We heard from Roger Clark that the team of pupils from Greenmill Primary School had performed well in the District Final in Glasgow of our Primary School Quiz Competition, coming 8th out of 22 schools.

This week's Prize Draw was won by Jim Kyle.

Tuesday 29th

Our speaker tonight was Daisy Whytock from the East Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative.   The CEI sees its role as working with others in the community to enhance, conserve and promote the local environment.   It encourages and enlists volunteers to participate in wild life projects, planting trees, restoring peat bog habitats, wild life surveys and other improvements.   Work is also done with schools and youth groups to foster environmental education.

The Prize Draw winner tonight was Roger Clark.

Club Bulletin - April 2018

Tuesday 3rd

We had a report on the Coffee Morning run by our Interact members last week at Cumnock Academy. They raised about £400 for their chosen charity.

Prize Draw winner tonight - Agnes Cowan.

Tuesday 10th

Our speaker tonight was Elaine Bryson, Project Co-ordinator in Ayrshire for the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET). Several Countryside Initiatives throughout Scotland organise projects and events aimed at schools and colleges to develop a better understanding of the role which farming and agriculture play in the food industry. A small team of workers aided by 1000 volunteers arrange visits of pupils and students to farms to experience real life farming conditions. A large number of pupils have no idea how much of the food they eat or drink comes from animals or out of the ground.

Prize Draw winner - Peter Shipton

Tuesday 17th

This evening was focussed mainly on making arrangements for some of our new ventures, still at an early stage of development. We hope to be involved in this year's Cumnock "Highland Games" event if it is revived.

Roger Clark reported that the Rotary "Young Photographer of the Year" competition promoted by our club in Cumnock Academy had been won by a sixth year student, Stephanie Binns. We heard later that she had been chosen to represent Scotland in the UK Rotary Competition.

Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle.

Thursday 19th

Tonight we held a Coffee Evening in the Royal Hotel for the members of the Interact Club and their parents. We were pleased to see a good turn out for the occasion (more than 30) and it gave a good opportunity for the young members to show their parents what they had been doing since the club was formed, and for the Rotary Club to show how it had set up and supported the development of the club. This is the final year for some of the founding members of Cumnock Interact who will be leaving school in the summer to progress to further or higher education or employment, and we wish them well in their future careers. It is good to see that their places are already about to be filled by new young members.

Tuesday 24th

This evening we had invited a local youngster, Mason Kidd, and his parents Alyson and Gary to join us for a meal and to hear from him how he had been selected as both the Cumnock "Citizen of the Year" and the" Young Citizen of the Year". Mason is now 12 years old and he had decided to perform various simple acts of kindness throughout the area to commemorate his older brother who had died at a young age. His acts had generated a lot of interest and support in the community and on social media, which then developed into collective fund-raising for his good causes. Mason was presented with a trophy and a gift token inrecognition of his generous efforts.

Mason was asked to draw out the winning number in our weekly Prize Draw and this was won by last week's winner, Jim Kyle - who was happy to pass the prize to Mason!

Club Bulletin - March 2018
Gaiety Theatre
A large group of Rotarians and partners had visited the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr on Wednesday 28 February to see "Summer Holiday". This was a performance which revived many pleasant memories.

Tuesday 6th
Our speaker tonight was Catherine Cumming from the Royal Society for Protection of Birds who had come to talk about their Hen Harrier Life Project. This is a ground nesting moorland bird whose numbers have dropped drastically in recent years. Catherine showed us some film of the birds in action and explained their feeding, breeding and migratory habits. Because 50% of moorland in Scotland is a managed landscape used for game shooting, there is at times an uneasy relationship between the bird protection bodies and the grouse shooting groups. Catherine felt that there could be room for both where there is a willingness to jointly look for solutions.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Liddell

Monday 12th
This was the night of our Primary Schools Quiz Competition, held in the hall of St Johns Church, Cumnock. Eight schools from the Cumnock and Doon Valley area sent teams of four pupils from Primary 7 classes. Also there were lots of mums and dads and other family members , plus class teachers giving encouragement to the pupils. After six rounds of questions on a variety of subjects (60 questions in all)the winners were Greenmill PS (Cumnock) and the runners up were the pupils from St Patricks PS (Auchinleck). Refreshments were provided for everyone and it was a very enjoyable experience for all. The winning team, who were awarded a trophy, will represent this area at a regional final later this year.

Tuesday 13th
This was a chance to concentrate on club matters. These included our new Community Support Scheme where members were able to assess the applications already received, and our proposed local telephone directory which we are working on. We also had a further report on the latest meeting of our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy.
We were pleased to welcome to our meeting a young student teacher from Belgium who is on a study project at
Greenmill PS. Our Prize Draw winner was Jim Kyle.

Tuesday 20th
We had an outside visit tonight to the East Ayrshire Council HQ, London Road, Kilmarnock at the invitation of the Chief Executive, Fiona Lees. The main purpose was to see the operation of the Risk Management Centre which plays a "vital role in improving community safety, and in keeping people safe in their homes and on the streets".
After a welcome and briefing in the main Council Chamber, we were given a tour of the monitoring and response centre to see and hear from the staff on duty. Teams of operators provide cover 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and they respond to incidents and situations detected by CCTV cameras, domestic alarms, and out of hours telephone helplines. The service works closely with police, social services, health care and emergency agencies.
This was an interesting and informative visit, rounded off with a meal in the council's own cafeteria.

Tuesday 27th
Tonight's speaker was Tammy Burns from the Vibrant Communities team in East Ayrshire, who told us about their Befriending Service. This is aimed mainly at children and young people who may be going through a difficult period which is affecting their confidence, education, self esteem, relationships etc. The volunteer befrienders receive training to enable them to spend time with the young person and introduce them to new experiences, giving support and encouragement throughout the process.
The winner of our first Community Support grant of £200 was the Netherthird Sewing Group. Tonight's Prize Draw was won by Agnes Cowan. And we heard that our Purple Crocus display at the Cumnock Hospital to support World Polio elimination is now in full bloom.

Club Bulletin - February 2018

Tuesday 6th

This was a club night with no speaker and we used it to receive reports and discuss options for our future programme.

Tuesday 13th

Arrangements were updated for the Primary Schools P7 Quiz - date has been changed to Monday 12 March, and volunteers were enlisted to set questions.   Plans for our proposed Games Night were discussed by a small group after the meeting.

The latest meeting of our Interact Club at Cumnock Academy were given an emotional insight into a difficult family situation.   A coffee morning is being arranged for Friday 30 March and a car wash for Tuesday 12 June to raise funds for their chosen charities.

Dane Love, noted local author, was our speaker and he gave us a brief history of the Scottish Covenanters, with particular reference to the scene in Ayrshire.   For 50 years in the 17th century they challenged the concept of the "Divine Right of Kings" and in consequence they suffered ill-treatment, displacement, imprisonment, banishment, and in many cases death by execution.   They persevered however and finally gained their objective in 1688.   Monuments and memorial stones are dotted all around the country.

Prize Draw winner - Iain Christie.

Tuesday 20th

Our guest speaker was Janice Hendry, Chief Officer of YIPworld based in former school premises in Barrhill Road, Cumnock.   Janice has been involved with the project since  its earliest days, arising from a youth information project.   She gave a brief history of how the project devel-oped and expanded, by making use of grants from a variety of funding agencies.

Now it offers a wide range of facilities, equipment, training and support targetted at children, young people and those who work with the young and covering educational, leisure, care and employment opportunities.   Cumnock and the surrounding area are the main beneficiaries of this well regarded project.

Prize Draw winner - John Swanson

Tuesday 27th

On a cold dark snowy evening all but one of our members managed to make their way to our meeting in the Royal Hotel, Cumnock.   Our guest speaker however used discretion and wisely decided not to try and travel from Kilmarnock in view of the worsening conditions forecast.

We reverted therefore to a much needed club night to discuss present and future plans.   We had a report on the last meeting of our Interact Club in Cumnock Academy at which their speaker was from Medecins Sans Frontieres who gave an impressive insight into their work in various conflict and disaster areas.   The Interact members had raised funds to support the work of the agency.

Other matters covered were:

Our new community support scheme has received several applications.   We will discuss their requests on 13 March

A visit has been arranged to East Ayrshire Council HQ in Kilmarnock to see the operation of the monitoring nerve centre

We then became guinea pigs to test out some of the questions which are being prepared for the P7 quiz.   With teams of 5 "old heads" we reckon we did not too badly!

Prize Draw winner - John Swanson (again).

Club Bulletin - January 2018

Tuesday 9th

Nine members plus three guests made their way to Newmilns Bowling Club to join with Loudoun Rotary's Burns Night.   More than 50 people were gathered to enjoy an excellent three course meal, including "the haggis", followed by biscuits and cheese and tea, coffee and mints.   This was followed by speeches, readings, community singing and the piper's selection of tunes.

Our own Barbara Goudie gave a spirited and well composed reply to the "Toast to the Lasses" and Jim Kyle proposed the comprehensive Vote of Thanks to Loudoun and all the contributors.

Tuesday 16th

This meeting was called off late in the afternoon when it became apparent that weather and road conditions (snow and ice) were getting worse.   Conditions had been bad all day and the forecast was not good. An unusual (perhaps unprecedented) event in the history of the club.

Tuesday 23rd

Ten members were able to attend this meeting, chaired by Iain Christie in the absence of President Arlene McCrorie.

A report of the Burns Night was given and several items of business were introduced.   No firm decisions were taken and matters would be further discussed at the next meeting.

Prize Draw winner - Iain Christie.

Tuesday 30th

Another attendance of 10 with Iain Christie again in the chair.   He gave reports on the Interact Dinner held last week, attended by 5 Rotarians and 8 Interactors.   A possible Parents' Night in March is being considered, together with a Coffee Morning and Car Wash to raise funds for charity.   

Iain also gave a report on a recent Cluster Meeting he attended, at which Ayrshire clubs are considering a joint event to promote later life arrange-ments e.g. wills, powers of attorney, funeral arrangements, care and social packages etc.

Arrangements for the area Primary 7 Quiz are progressing, scheduled for Thursday 1 March in St Johns Hall, Cumnock.   There are already eight schools interested.

This year's Theatre Night is on Wednesday 28 February and the Indoor Games night has been re-scheduled for Friday 23 March.

Prize Draw winner - Jim Wilson.

Club Bulletin - December 2017 

Tuesday 5th

A good turnout (10) for our speaker, Mark Gibson, who gave us an illustrated talk on his home and business at Craigengillan, Dalmellington.   He had taken over a neglected house and dilapidated buildings , and had turned the estate around to become a thriving venture and an asset to the area.

He showed examples of the restoration of buildings and features, including a stables project with over 50 horses and a riding school, cottages having been refurbished and now available for lets and holiday breaks, rock gardens and ponds, fences and paths all restored  and a welcome offered to visitors, ramblers and community groups.   The estate is also the home of the Dark Sky Observatory and the new Planetarium.   Another visit to the area could be on the cards.

Prior to his talk we had a few announcements, including a report of the curling lessons at Ayr Ice Rink attended by 3 of  our members.   Dictionaries for the P7s are now being ordered, at a cost of over £1400.   The club has received a refund (out of the blue) from RBS of more than £200 in respect of some over-charging in the past.

Prize Draw winner - Dave Perriman

Tuesday 12th

Nine members present for a non-speaker night.

We had a further update on the progress of the Interact Club.   Numbers have increased and great enthusiasm is being shown towards community projects.   The new office-bearers are settling in well and the prospect of an influx of new members from Auchinleck Academy is exciting but coping with larger numbers could be daunting.

Prize Draw winner - Agnes Cowan

Tuesday 19th

This was our traditional Christmas themed night and we were very pleased to have in attendance all 12 of our active members, and as guests 3 honorary members, 9 partners, 3 Interactors and 2 Reverends - a total of 29.   Only the partridge in a pear tree was missing!

After Grace delivered by guest Rev Stan Kennon, we enjoyed an excellent 3 course meal and this was followed by some thoughts on the significance of the Christmas Message, delivered by guest Father Philip Kitchen.   He gave us some thoughts to ponder on the theme of the Incarnation - the "Word being made Flesh", life being lived "on the margin" and the "value of poverty".

Returning to more mundane matters, we heard that we had received £580 from Rotary GB&I towards the cost of dictionaries for P7 pupils.   We also had an expanded Prize Draw with 4 prizes on offer - all of which were won by our guests.   Our 12 members tried hard not to show their disappointment - even suggesting that it was a good outcome!   Some part of the Christmas message must be sinking in!

Happy New Year!

Club Bulletin - November 2017
Tuesday 7th
Ten members present for an informal club night. There was some general discussion on upcoming meetings with likely attendances being noted.
It was agreed to support the campaign for the homeless by making a donation of £100 to the Edinburgh "rough sleeping" event being held in December.
Prize Draw winner - Iain Christie

Tuesday 14th
Ten members again. It was agreed to cover the cost of a new engraving plate on the TL Murray trophy to accommodate new winners - likely to cost about £60.
We had as our speaker for the night Stephen Kay, Education Officer for Dumfries House. Stephen had been appointed in 2011 and was responsible for introducing and developing learning experiences for a wide variety of the community. He emphasised the value of "learning by doing" and gave examples of projects for school children and young adults. These included food education, farming, engineering, music, arts, hospitality etc. He also gave brief details of new projects in the offing to widen opportunities to adult groups and families. This was an interesting and thought provoking talk.
Prize Draw winner - Dave Perriman

Tuesday 21st
This meeting heralded the return of our President Arlene McCrorie from her extended holiday cruise "down under" - refreshed but not yet back to "stability".
We had a report from those members who had attended the recent Charter Dinner at Loudoun Rotary. Catering and entertainment had been thoroughly enjoyed. It was noticed in passing that our own 60th Charter birthday occurs in March 2018 and some thought will need to be given to it if we wish it to be commemorated in some way.
The Interact Club is running a Bottle Stall again at this year's Christmas Festival in Cumnock Town Square.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle

Tuesday 28th
A disappointing turn out (7) to hear our speaker Fiona Lees, who is Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council. Fiona gave a very good account of the wide range of functions and services of the Council. All councils are facing a challenging time in utilising their budgets to maximum effect, and have struggled for several years to match expectations. Results in East Ayrshire compare favourably with other council areas.
We had a report on the Interact Club's efforts at the Christmas Festival. Despite a very cold but dry day and seemingly reduced attendances, their Bottle Stall made a profit of over £600. Well done! We also heard that a good number of pupils from Auchinleck Academy are keen to join Interact which is an encouraging sign for the future of the group.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle

Club Bulletin - October 2017
Tuesday 3rd
The club welcomed a visit by District Governor Gary Loutit, who spoke on the theme of "Making a Difference". He gave examples of initiatives tried elsewhere and urged us to continue with our own efforts in spite of our lack of numbers. He had been very impressed by the performance of our Interactors at the recent District Conference.
Prior to his address, we had a report from Past President Iain Christie and President Arlene McCrorie on the District Conference. They too commented on the great reception given to the Interactors for their presentation, with many representatives looking for some follow up. The Purple4Polio Crocus distribution went very well and guest speaker Ruth Davidson, MSP, had been well received.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle.

Tuesday 10th
A normal club night with 8 members. General discussion on club matters, including:  
indoor games night, fixed for Friday 10th November
Tesco grants scheme
survey of members' interest in club roles they 'might' undertake
Prize Draw winner - Roger Clark

Tuesday 17th
A better attendance (10) for another club night. Further discussion on:
indoor games night (games, buffet, charges)
crocus planting (fixed for Saturday 28th October)
Interact meetings
schools enterprise scheme (could be 9 schools participating this year)
Tesco grants scheme
Past President Iain Christie gave a report on a recent District Cluster meeting he had attended. Various joint projects are in an early planning stage.
Prize Draw winner - John Swanson

Tuesday 24th
Our speaker tonight was well known local author Dane Love, who gave an illustrated talk on a "Trip Up the Glenmuir", a local but almost forgotten part of the Cumnock and district landscape. His talk was stimulating and greatly appreciated and he was quickly invited to return at a later date to give a talk on the Covenanters.
Prize Draw winner - Jim Kyle.

Tuesday 31st
A small attendance tonight - only 7.  
Stand in chairman, PP Iain Christie, gave a report on a meeting of Head Boys and Head Girls (including Cumnock Academy) at Park Hotel, Kilmarnock to hear a talk given by Ayrshire MSP Brian Whittle which seemed to get a good response from those attending 
A stalwart band of 6 Rotarians ignored the wet and windy conditions to plant the second batch of crocus bulbs at the local hospital grounds on Saturday 28th. Well done!
We heard that the joint Burns Night with Loudoun will be held on 9th January 2018 at Newmilns Bowling Club
It was agreed to postpone the proposed Indoor Games night to Spring 2018 to allow more time for planning and preparation
Prize Draw winner - John Swanson

Club Bulletin - September 2017

Tuesday 5th
A club night with 9 members. An opportunity to report on and discuss various ideas:
Agnes Cowan presented a well received draft letter to be sent to all primary schools to promote the pupils' enterprise scheme
Roger Clark reported on an approach he had made to Tesco to make use of their "blue token" scheme to give funds to local community action groups
Details were circulated of the Troon Rotary local grants scheme to provide funds to a selected community group on a monthly basis
Inviting parents to see their Interactors at work could be a means of promoting Rotary and getting new members
Members to be surveyed to help identify roles within the club which they might be prepared to tackle in the next year or two
Prize Draw won by President Arlene Arlene Mccrorie

Tuesday 12th
Another club night - 11 members this time.
Wendy Pring has requested an extended leave of absence which was agreed unanimously. Her eventual return will be greatly welcomed
Charity Golf Day and Croquet event still dependent on weather conditions and likely attendances
Joint Burns Night with Loudoun may be expanded to include Inner Wheel
Invitation received to participate in Hunterston Rotary Quiz Competition at Saltcoats on October 18
An introduction to Curling has been arranged for December 3
Club will set up local grants scheme (similar to Troon Rotary) probably in November to start early in 2018
In light of worsening conditions on a global scale (earthquakes, hurricanes, war refugees etc), it was agreed to purchase a Shelter Box now from existing funds
An indoor games night to be held in the Royal Hotel is being considered as an alternative fund-raising event to Croquet, or as an extra to widen the appeal to a wider group of people
Prize Draw winner - Jim Wilson

Tuesday 19th
Another club night with 11 members attending.
Convenor Jim Wilson gave a report on the Charity Golf day at Ballochmyle on Thursday 14th. Twelve teams turned up, the weather was dry although the course was damp, and apart from some minor "accidents" everyone enjoyed their day. Catering was excellent and the money-raising activities (auctions, raffles etc) were very well supported. A net profit of about £4500 was made and our two chosen charities' representatives each received cheques for £1500 on the day
The proposed Croquet day has now been dropped and an indoor games night in the Royal Hotel will possibly be planned for November
Draft letters and forms for the Schools Enterprise project and the Community Grants scheme were circulated for information and comment. Members signed up to delivering the school forms by hand
Prize Draw winner - President Arlene Arlene Mccrorie

Tuesday 26th
A club night but also an opportunity to present "officially" a cheque for £1500 to Billy Herd on behalf of the "New MSH" project. Billy gave us some further background to his own involvement in the project.
Agnes Cowan gave a report on the TL Murray Golf Day at Ballochmyle on Monday 25th. There were six competitors including Agnes and Gordon Anderson. The course was wet, the golf was "as expected", the weather was good (until the mist closed in on the last few holes) and the meal in the clubhouse was excellent. A new winner was awarded the trophy - Dave Perriman.  Congratulations!
Stand-in President Iain Christie reported that the purple crocus bulbs have been received for distribution for this year's Polio Day events
He also gave an update on Interact with some new members attending and some changes to school staff 
Members were urged to complete the survey of "offers" to undertake club duties for the next year or two
Envelopes containing details of the enterprise scheme were distributed among members to be hand delivered to Primary School headteachers
Prize Draw winner - Dave Perriman. A winning streak this week.

Photo shows club members with Billy Herd and cheque for the "Buy Malcolm Sargent House" project.

Club Bulletin - August 2017

Tuesday 1st August

A good turn-out (12) for a club night. Disappointment was expressed that the Croquet event had to be postponed again, due to poor weather prospects.   No date yet for another attempt.

Jim Kyle reported on the progress of the fund-raising Calendar - to be ready in a few weeks.

Barbara Goudie and Gerald Alexander gave an indication of the wide range of speakers and outside visits being planned.

Jim Wilson reported on the progress being made on the Charity Golf day at Ballochmyle.

Arrangements made for a Scatter Night next week - with Loudoun, Troon, Strathaven and Kilmarnock as options.

Prize Draw winner - Jimmy McGhee.

Thursday 3rd August

The golfing expeditions continued - this time to Brunston Castle to compete for the Roger Clark "memorial" trophy (he's no deid yet!).   The usual suspects faced a long course - warnings had been given - it took very nearly 6 hours to complete the round.   However it wasn't the length of the course that was the problem - it was the length of the rough, which gobbled up at least 2 dozen golf balls.   Scores therefore were as high as the grass and the sense of frustration.   Through it all the player who performed best and won the trophy was - Roger Clark - for the third consecutive time.   Congratulations!   The trophy will now be known as the Roger Clark "monopoly" trophy.

Tuesday 8th August

This was our annual Scatter Night to other Rotary Clubs in the District.   Four members went to Ayr, three to Troon and two to Loudoun.   All were well received and had a variety of experiences to share - eating arrangements, money raising ideas, support to local groups and individuals etc.   A worthwhile exchange.

Tuesday 15th August

Our proposed speaker, DG Gary Loutit, was unable to attend but we were visited by Margaret Morton, Immediate Past President of Strathaven who told us about her "recruitment" to Rotary. 

We had reports on the golf outing and scatter visits.

Supplies of our new promotional Club Calendar were available for free distribution - a good looking production.

Arrangements for our Charity Golf day at Ballochmyle were finalised.

The Prize Draw winner was Margaret Morton - another lucky visitor!

Tuesday 22nd August

Unfortunately our Charity Golf event had to be cancelled at short notice due to wet ground conditions.   Will try again on Thursday 14th September.

A third attempt to hold a Croquet day will be made on Sunday 3 September

We had a talk this evening on the changes in banking generally and in the RBS in particular from Bobby Watson, Community Manager and Erica Downie, Digital and Mobile Banking Adviser.   Change seems to be inevitable with more branch closures to come, and adapting to the changes will be necessary.   Bobby and Erica outlined the type of help they can offer.

Prize Draw winner was Dave Perriman.

Tuesday 29th August

This was a special night. Six members of the Interact Club had been invited to enable 3 of them to have a trial run of the presentation they are to give at the District Conference at the end of September.   Luke McBlain, Rachel McCrorie and Callum Bain gave a well prepared and well packaged "slide show" supplemented by explanatory comments describing the early years of the club and its activities.
There was general agreement that this was an excellent display produced by three confident and impressive young people.   The District Conference has a treat in store and it will be  great experience for the young Interactors.

Our tribulations continue - our Croquet Day had to be postponed yet again - the new date (hopeful) is 24 September

Prize Draw winner tonight was President Arlene McCrorie.  

Club Bulletin - July 2017

Tuesday 4th

Independence day in the USA - and a fitting day to have 2 Rotarian visitors from Missouri. This was our Handover night and our visitors - Greg and Kathleen Boswell had volunteered to give a brief account of their hometown - Sedalia. Its history dates back to the 1860s when the new railroad town of Sedalia began to take shape. The cowboys who drove cattle to the railhead inspired the "Rawhide" film and TV series featuring a young Clint Eastwood, and Scott Joplin grew up there before starting his musical career in piano ragtime. An unusual and interesting hhistory.

The Handover procedures then took place, with President Iain Christie handing over the chain of office to incoming President Arlene McCrorie, proudly watched by her husband Neil and daughter Rachel. Thanks were given to all the office bearers for their efforts and support over the past year.

Two stalwart members were rewarded for their special efforts for the club. Jim Kyle was awarded the Loudoun Trophy for among other things his recruitment of family and other members for our joint Burns Night with Loudoun and his special support of the revived P7 Quiz competition - and Jimmy McGhee was awarded the Inner Wheel Quaich for his regular supply of snacks at club events and distribution of P7 dictionaries around the schools.

There were 2 prize winners in the expanded raffle (to include guest family members) - John Swanson and Rachel McCrorie.

Tuesday 11th

This was a normal club night with reports and announcements:

  1. Members were reminded that moneys raised in the recent Sponsored Walk on the River Ayr Way should now be passed to Treasurer Agnes

  2. There was also a reminder that club fees for 2017/18 are now due

  3. Further reports of P7 Prizegiving Days were given

  4. It was suggested that all primary schools in the area should be contacted at the start of next term (August/September) to make them aware of our schemes for pupils (P7 dictionaries, enterprise scheme and P7 quiz) to be followed up with reminders and updates throughout the school year

  5. Charges for the upcoming Croquet Day will be £15 for adults and £5 for under 18s

  6. The possibility of holding a "coffee and biscuits" type of information meeting for potential new members was supported, possibly in September/October

Prize Draw winner tonight was Iain Christie - after drawing out his own number!

Tuesday 18th

This was a quiet club night with 8 members present. The weather forecast and attendance forecast for this coming weekend resulted in the decision to postpone the Croquet for another week. The Prize Draw was won by Agnes Cowan.

Friday 21st

The intrepid four (Jim Wilson, Dave Perriman, Roger Clark and John Swanson) took part in another Charity Golf Day, this time run by Thornhill Rotary. The weather was a little kinder (it only rained for part of the time) and the golf was a mixed bag. No prizes were earned (golfing or raffle) but the meal in the clubhouse was very satisfying. Maybe in future we should just go for the meal?

Tuesday 25th

Another club night focussing on recent and upcoming events:

  1. Jim Wilson gave a report on the Thornhill golf outing and tied up arrangements for the postponed Croquet Day

  2. Secretary Dave circulated a calendar of meetings and events already earmarked for the coming year and asked convenors to update and add to the list where appropriate

  3. Past President Iain confirmed that an order for another 5000 crocus corms has been placed, to be added to the site at the local hospital

  4. The possibility of the club producing its own Christmas Card for fundraising purposes is to be explored

  5. The Prize Draw winner this week was Roger Clark

Club Bulletin - June 2017mm

Club Bulletin - June 2017

Tuesday 6th

Only 6 members tonight - 4 members away taking part in a Charity Golf event run by Hunterston Rotary at Largs Golf Club.

Some informal discussion took place on further ideas for activities and events in the new Rotary year. The Prize Draw was won by Jim Liddell.

The 4 intrepid golfing members (Jim Wilson, Roger Clark, Dave Perriman and John Swanson) turned up at Largs Golf Club on a non-stop wet and miserable day hoping the event would be postponed. No such luck! After more than 4 hours of splashing around the golf course, the dripping wet golfers returned to the clubhouse for a well-earned and much appreciated meal. No golfing prizes were earned on this occasion but Roger and John both won bottles of wine in the raffle. And the Charity Appeal earned about £3000 - so well worth it.

Tuesday 13th

A better turnout this week (12) for what should have been our Club Assembly. There were however too many pressing items of business:

  • P7 Dictionaries - arrangements for distribution to the schools were made, and volunteers identified to attend each school's prizegiving day

  • Sponsored Walk - travel arrangements made for 2 groups, one starting at Catrine, the other at Glenbuck, both walking to finish up at Fisherman's Bridge

  • Charity Golf, Ballochmyle - the charities to benefit are to be the Butterfly Trust and the Malcolm Sargeant House replacement scheme

  • Primary School Enterprise - Greenmill PS has conducted a keyrings production business which provided a modest profit but valuable learning experiences

  • Prize Draw - winner was Agnes Cowan

Sunday 18th

Day of Sponsored Walk. A warm dry sunny day provided ideal conditions , and Jimmy McGhee kindly provided refreshments and snacks. The group starting from Catrine enjoyed a pleasant meander to Sorn, and then a challenging obstacle course up and down hills, through shoulder-high vegetation, across the wetlands of Airds Moss and finally a seemingly receding finishing point "just around the next bend". The group from Glenbuck had a relatively uneventful amble to Fisherman's Bridge, arriving before the other group. There were 16 humans (including 4 Interactors) and 3 dogs taking part.

Tuesday 20th

This was the evening for our rescheduled Club Assembly and we had an attendance of 13.

We first heard from Barbara Goudie of her recent exhilarating experience on a Zip Slide over the River Ayr. She thanked members for their sponsorship and had raised over £200 by her efforts for the Malcolm Sargeant replacement project.

Reports from convenors on plans for the coming year were given. These included club night and social activities as well as service projects and fundraising ideas. We were reminded that the annual subscription will be renewable from 1 July.

The Prize Draw winner was Arlene McCrorie.

Tuesday 27th

Another club night and a chance to tie up loose ends for the 2016-17 year.

  •   We started with reports of Prize Giving ceremonies attended by some of our members to hand out dictionaries to P7 pupils
  • Jim Kyle said that work on a club calendar paid for by local adverts is now well under way

  • We also heard about Jimmy McGhee's attendance at the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, and his interview with the BBC TV "Landward" programme on the 150th celebration of the Pollock firm

  • We then spent some time in our 2 sub groups preparing a rough calendar of events for the coming year

  • Roger Clark won the Prize Draw money, this time by getting the closest guess to the sum of money collected on club nights (raffle money and loose change) over the last year - over £400.

Club Bulletin - May 2017

Tuesday 2nd

Our speaker tonight was our own Jimmy McGhee who had been asked to talk about his "new" book now in production.
Jimmy explained that it is likely to be the only book he will produce but he felt that it was something he had to do to preserve the history of the Pollock agricultural machinery firm which was celebrating its 150th anniversary
He gave a brief account of its early days and of the wide variety of tools and equipment which had been patented and sold around the world

He also spoke of his own involvement, starting as a young apprentice in 1967, then as an office worker, then a sales rep and finally taking over the firm when former Rotarian John Pollock retired in 1998

Jimmy's tale was greatly appreciated by members and it was probably appropriate that he won the evening's Prize Draw.

Some further arrangements for the P7 Quiz and the River Ayr Walk were announced, and President Iain also drew attention to the upcoming District Assembly.

Tuesday 9th

We had 4 visiting Rotarians from Kilmarnock on a Scatter night exploit but none of them volunteered to be speaker for the night! Instead we focussed on the following:

Report from Jim Wilson and Bruce Harris of their recent participation in a Rotary Golf Competition at Carnoustie. They finished a creditable 5th out of 26 teams. Well done.

AGM fixed for 23 May and Club Assembly for 13 June

Prize Draw winner was Barbara Goudie

Tuesday 16th

This week our speaker was Billy Herd who is a fundraiser for a replacement for the Malcolm Sargeant House in Prestwick recently closed down. He explained that the new building would be designed to provide more attractive and more practical facilities and cater for more than one family at a time. His small voluntary group has organised a variety of fundraising activities (already more than £100,000) and he invited us to participate if possible. One or two members showed an interest in a Zip Slide project over the River Ayr!

The Prize Draw was won by John Swanson.

Tuesday 23rd

This was our Annual General Meeting. We started with 2 reports:

Treasurer Agnes told us about a useful session for Club Treasurers that she had attended at the District Assembly

We also heard about Greenmill P7 team's participation in the District Quiz, in which they performed well (10th out of 21 teams) and had a good time too.

We then proceeded to the formal AGM with reports and recommendations for the future (minutes to be provided separately).

The Prize Draw was won by Bruce Harris.

Tuesday 30th

Only 9 members tonight but we covered quite a lot of business.

President Iain reported on a Community Clean-up in the Townhead Street area of Cumnock which he had taken part in as a Rotary volunteer
It was decided to donate £200 to the recent Manchester bombing appeal (£150 to Isle of Barra community and £50 to the main general appeal)

Croquet Day at Barskimming likely to be on Sunday 23 July

4 charities were identified as possible beneficiaries of this year's Charity Golf Day at Ballochmyle. Other options to be considered.

Prize Draw was won by Gerald Alexander - after it was revealed last week that he was the only member who had never won it since he joined last year! It makes you think!

We then split into our 2 service groupings (Club and Community) to begin process of making plans for 2017/18.

Club Bulletin - APRIL 2017

Tuesday 4th

This was a club night with 11 members present.   Attention was given to the following:

·       Treasurer Agnes presented the accounts for 2015/16 and these were accepted formally.   It was agreed to donate the sum of £200 to the D.E.C. appeal for famine relief in East Africa.

·       It was reported that Interact had held their end of term events as planned and raised £110 from a Bake Sale and £420 from the Dress Down Day.

·       It was agreed that our proposed Sponsored Walk would hopefully raise funds for Purple4Polio campaign.   The route is still to be determined.

·       A previous report that the purple crocuses at the local hospital had been mown down in their prime was corrected by President Iain - they had not been 'decapitated' but had 'expired naturally'!

·       The District Final for the P7 Quiz will be held on 23 May in Pollok Burgh Hall.   A minibus will need to be arranged.

·       Jars of jam (greengage) were distributed at £2 per jar with suggestions for fund-raising ideas for the Purple4Polio campaign.

·       President Elect Arlene gave a brief account of the nature and impact of RBS branch closures in the area

The Prize Draw winner was Roger Clark.

Tuesday 11th

Another club night with 8 members plus 3 guests of Jim Liddell (family members - Martin, Kath and Sophie).

·       Roger Clark announced that the Cumnock Academy entrant in the District Young Photographer competition had been runner-up - well done!

·       Further discussion on the proposed Sponsored Walk.   Likely to be 2 groups walking in to Limmerhaugh (Fisherman's Bridge) from opposite directions.   Sponsoring methods to be considered.

·       Prize Draw winner was Jim Wilson

Tuesday 18th

A good turnout (12) to hear our speaker Judy Ferguson from the local Women's Aid group.   Judy had been invited to our meeting to receive a cheque for £750 being monies raised at our recent Swishing Day.   She gave a brief account of the work of the group and of the nature of the circumstances which can lead to women (and some men) seeking support.   She expressed her gratitude for the financial support offered.

·       Bruce Harris has agreed to be nominated as President Elect for next year.

·       Members hoping to participate in the proposed Sponsored Walk indicated their preferences for the section of walk to be tackled.

·       Interact's meetings are now likely to be curtailed by school exam pressures.

Prize Draw winner was Arlene McCrorie.

Tuesday 25th

A club night again with 8 members plus a visiting Rotarian from our mother club Ayr - Neil Beattie.   Reports as follows:

·       Interact has now decided to split the proceeds of its fund-raising efforts (about £1500) - £1000 to Hillside School and £400 to international charity Medecins sans Frontieres.

·       Greenmill Primary is developing a new approach to its Enterprise Scheme this year - hopefully we can encourage other schools to consider this.

·       President Iain gave an update on Rotary grant procedures.

This week's Prize Draw was won by Jim Wilson - second time this month!



 Club Bulletin - MARCH 2017

Tuesday 7th                                                                                                                                                                                    

Almost a full turnout for a club night, only President Iain apologising for being on holiday again!

·       Roger Clark gave an update on the Young Photographers competition and displayed the Cup Trophy for the Primary 7 Quiz competition duly engraved with the name of the winning team - Greenmill Primary School

·       Agnes Cowan gave an update on the Ladies Swishing Day to be held on Sunday 12th March.   It has been a hectic period for the organising group and they are to be commended for their unstinting efforts

·       The Prize Draw was won by John Swanson

·       Agnes in her role as Treasurer distributed copies of the Financial Accounts for the club for the year ended 30 June 2016

Sunday 12th

The Ladies Swishing Day was held in the Dumfries Arms Hotel.   The attendance was down on previous years, which was disappointing and affected the amount of cash to be raised for charity.   However over £700 was collected and it was agreed to donate this to Women's Aid.   A review of the event will now be held to see what lessons can be learned for future years.

Tuesday 14th

A smaller turnout than usual (8) to hear our speaker, Simon Leitch, recently appointed Head Teacher of Greenmill P S.   He spoke enthusiastically about his new role and of the educational challenges ahead, particularly the Curriculum for Excellence  which has many critics but also many supporters.

The Prize Draw was won this week by Bruce Harris.

Thursday 16th

The winner's trophy for the P7 Quiz was presented to the Greenmill P S team by Roger Clark, Jim Kyle and Dave Perriman.

Tuesday 21st

This was a well attended club night (only President Iain missing) and it was supplemented by 2 student teachers from Belgium as guests of Barbara Goudie.   Madison Robert and Vanessa Simonval gave a brief account of their experiences so far, at Cumnock Academy and on excursions throughout Ayrshire.

Updates were given on the following:

·       Interact     Fund raising efforts have gone well this year with more than £1000 collected.   The bulk of it will go to Hillside School.   Over 8oo spectacles have been collected and passed on to Shaw's Opticians for onward transmission overseas.   Further fundraising includes a Bake Sale and a Dress Down Day at end of term.  

·       Purple for Polio     Supplies of jam and tea for fundraising  purposes will be distributed among members.   It was reported that the crocuses planted at the local hospital have been mown down!

Sponsored Walk     It is proposed to hold this event on Sunday 18 June, probably following the River Ayr from Muirkirk to Sorn.

The Prize Draw was won by Barbara Goudie.

Tuesday 28th

Another poorly attended meeting (only 8 including President Iain back from holiday) to hear our speaker for the night.   This was Debbie Skeoch, Head Teacher of Hillside School.   Using images and charts projected on to a screen, she gave us a good idea of what the school was all about.  

It attempts to serve the educational and support needs of children and young people who suffer from the severer forms of physical and mental disability.   The 25 pupils aged 5-18 are supported through a variety of life and social skills training, often on a one-to-one basis.   Modern technology is now a great help (although expensive) as well as music therapy and pet therapy.

This week's Prize Draw winner was Bruce Harris.

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