Community Service/ Blind Faith 2016

Annual Fund raising "Blind Walk" in aid of ORBIS - the sight saving charity.

Walking Blind
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A Walk on the Blind Side

Every year it falls to our president to attempt a “Blind Walk” in aid of Orbis.  Current president Mike Sinclair referred to having achieved it in last month's October newsletter. So to the details.

Mike completed the sponsored walk from the Health Centre in Stock Road, through the High Street and to finish at Reids in time for our Monday lunch on October 24. Only to find a sparse attendance!

No matter.  As Mike explains: “It was an experience.  Only one which you can appreciate when you cannot see.  Now I understand what it must be like to be sightless.

“Without Ed and Chandra to help me on the day, I could not have achieved the walk blindfolded alone. It took 45 minutes – imagine that if you were not sightless.

“Thanks also to Peter Greene for ensuring it was all well recorded photographically for this newsletter and our website followers and as a major helper on the day. And a record for all blind people.

“You appreciate what it must be like to cross major roads, beware of traffic and pedestrians and, above all, not to able to see.  Orbis does a great job.”

ORBIS spans the globe to bring people together: expert surgeons and village doctors, community nurses and traditional healers, health ministers and community activists, global foundations and individual donors - so they can work as one to combat avoidable blindness.  It presently operates three flying eye hospitals which are equal parts surgeries, teachers, envoys and advocates in the global effort to end avoidable blindness.  It enables expert volunteer doctors to perform eye tests, operations in its own on-board operating theatre, and also train local eye care teams in their own country.  It also serves as a powerful tool for raising awareness and creating change.

President Mike added: “We raised £250.00 – a creditable effort which, as a club, we hope will make life easier for those unfortunate people whose sight is not like ours.”

PS: It will fall on next year's president Peter Greene to attempt the ORBIS walk.  Perhaps Wendy should get him practising now along Western Road!Every year for the last few years it has fallen on our President to do a "Blind Walk" to raise money for the sight saving charity ORBIS.

For more information on this charity, go to: