Christmas Cards 2016

Christmas Cards derived from photographs in Northumberland by Roger Clegg

Proofs of the Cards


  1. When approaching a prospective company or individual show a sample Christmas card and the A4 sheet of the 6 images.

  2. Minimum sale is 5 cards and the price is £1 per card. All cards in a pack will be identical. (need to buy multiples of 5 to get different images) The greetings message inside will read “With Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

  3. Tell customers that we can provide a bespoke service for orders of 50 or more of the same card. (This should be attractive to companies and organisations wishing to display their logos and tailor their greetings message. Some households will be attracted by this opportunity.)

  4. Special prices will apply to orders in excess of 600 cards of the same image.

  5. Complete the Order Form with the customer so that you confirm

    1. Customers name and contact details

    2. Which Xmas card is selected (Cards on A4 laminated sheet should be numbered 1-6 based on 1 at top left, 2 in middle, 3 on top right etc)

    3. Number of cards ordered. (Complete extra rows if more than one image is selected)

    4. Price to be paid on delivery.

    5. Internal Greetings message to be used if a bespoke service is required. Ask company to specify the layout if logos are involved.

    6. Note down if there is a particular date by which the cards will be needed.

  6. Plan delivery and payment arrangements with the Customer when taking the order.

  7. Pass the confirmed order to Max Hamps by hand, email, letter or phone so that he can collate orders together for the printers.

      1. Email

      2. Phone Home 01434 673377

      3. Mobile 07876478353




Nos. of cards

Price £

Internal message and layout


























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