Visiting Chelmsford Mildmay Rotary Club

A group of our members - Mike, Keith, Peter, Ed, and Ben - visited the Rotary Club of Chelmsford Mildmay to socialize and share experiences and plans.

Click and Collect

Our Charter lunch was on Sunday November 6, so as is our long established custom there was no meeting on the following Monday November 7, and instead we took the opportunity to visit another Rotary club in the area.

This year we went to the Rotary Club of Chelmsford Mildmay which meets in the Marconi Social club just off Beehive Lane in Chelmsford.  FIve members of our club were in the party - President Mike Sinclair, Vice-President Peter Greene, Secretary Ed Harrison, Community Service Chairman Keith Wood and Founder Member Ben Clarke.

We were all made most welcome, and after a quick drink seated ourselves on various tables around the room, for a very pleasant meal of roast chicken, followed by a dessert of Sticky Toffee pudding, Cheese or fruit.

After the usual Rotary business, we were entertained by a very informative talk by Rotarian Ron Gregory, a member of the Mildmay club who had in the past been an accountant and then a professional photographer.  He talked about his experiences and life as a photographer, shoed examples of his work and how he succeeded in getting his work published.  As Ron summed it up, his work was "Click and Collect" - not click for an on-line purchase on a  website and collect the goods, but click for the photograph and then ... collect the money from the sale.

P.S.  There's some hope for us still! Needing somebody to take a photo of our group, we enlisted a member of the host club to do so.  Camera phones were a step too far for our helper.  He managed to photograph his finger in the first photos, before finally taking a burst of 98 photos of our group until a desperate Peter stopped it. See below: