Lou Davidson will talk about the Charity 'Haiti Help'

Tue 6th December 2016 at 18.30 - 21.00

The club enjoyed a very informative talk on 'Haiti Help' by guest speakers Lou Davidson and Elaine Stark.  Our members heard how part of our Club's recent donation was used to purchase goats.

Haiti Help supports four projects.  The Okipe Children's Village which care for 80 children, and The House of Hope which cares for the frail and elderly - Haiti Help makes regular contributions to their running costs.

The school at Mourne Augustin helps educate around 60 children, and Haiti Help pays the salary of one of the teachers there. Following Hurricane Matthew in early October the school was badly damaged, and Haiti Help was able to send money to repair and improve the building.

The ASHOG Children's Home is a small house with 8 resident children, and Haiti Help supports the house when they can. 

Haiti Help contributes regularly to The Hospital Indigent Fund, which enables local people to access healthcare they would otherwise be unable to afford.

Ewan Archibald gave the VOT of thanks on behalf of the club, thanking Lou and Elaine for their most enjoyable presentation.'

Lou shared first hand how our £500 donation was spent. The photos show the goats purchased on their way to their new owners where they will make a real difference to the villagers lives

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