Thu 4th July 2019 at 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

New President, Officers and Committees assume their responsibilities

The Rotary Club of Tywyn

Handover to new president Graham Clarke, 04 July 2019


Retiring President Nancy summarised the achievements of the club before handing over the chain of office to Vice-President Graham Clarke.

President Graham thanked his wife, Nancy, for the work she had done over the last two years which was echoed by the club, especially as she had faced many challenges including taking on role as Race Director for Race The Train and it was felt that she had fullfilled her role admirably.

President Graham thanked members for their support before summarising the club proposals for 2019-20.

He wishes to concentrate on friendship, fellowship and growing our membership.

All members present welcomed Graham and wished him every success in his new role.

Graham then passed the chain of office for Vice-President to Rotarian Paul Cartwright who will take up the role of club President in 2021.

Other Appointments: Assistant Treasurer - Russell Lacey

                                      Assistant Secretary - Graham Cave