Jan's talk on her trip to India for End Polio Now

Wed 8th February 2017 at 19.00 - 21.00

Club Council at 6pm Business meeting; Jan giving a brief talk on her India trip for Polio Immunisation

Jan showed us photos of her  trip to Delhi where she joined a large group of Rotarians from all over Rotary GB&I to take part in the National Immunisation days. The title of her article and talk was "Does the Golden girl work for God?" a quote from a young girl in the slum area who had only seen blond hair in connection with a diety. Read her personal account of the trip here

Jan went to the House of Commons in 2018 with some others who had been to India: this is her press  release

Walking through the corridors of power in the House of Commons, passing magnificent pictures, statues, tapestries and architecture illustrating historical events, jan Long a member of ledbury rotary club made her way to the Terrace Pavilion in Westminster. Sitting next to a rather grey River Thames with a cool breeze and threats of rain, those rotarians who had been part of the Polio Immunisation Teams in India, gathered at the invitation of MP William Wragg. The memorable event provided an opportunity to hear inspirational speeches by William Wragg who revealed that he had been involved with Rotary since his teenage years, having been a finalist in the Rotary “Youth Speaks” competition, and also from the Rt Hon Penny Morduant MP on international Development matters, who expressed grateful thanks to the "amazing work being done by Rotarians to eradicate Polio globally" and mentioned increased funding for this purpose!  Jan said "We were served with delicious refreshments at this highly enjoyable reception where the prevailing atmosphere was full of joyful acknowledgement knowing that it is a job well worth doing."

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