New Bus for Dalbeattie Day Centre

Dalbeattie Rotary Club Awards £5,000 towards new bus

Fraser Sanderson, the Rotary Club’s representative on the Management Committee of  Dalbeattie Day Centre, is pictured with mini-bus driver, Keith Dickie, at the launch event held on 24th November to celebrate the arrival of the Centre’s new bus.

The Day Centre has 60 members for whom it provides a daily lunch and programme of morning and afternoon activities. The bus is crucial to its operation since it transports members to and from the Centre on a daily basis and is also used for the regular outings and visits to other day centres. The previous bus was in urgent need of replacement and the Rotary Club was pleased to award £5,000 towards the cost. This contribution is recognised by the display of the distinctive Rotary wheel on the side of the bus and the inclusion of its name along with other donors at several places on the bodywork.