House Decorating

Members of clubs in Ipswich and Inner Wheel answered a call to prepare a house for a family moving from a refuge operated by Lighthouse Women's Aid.

In true MI5 style several cars, different each day, slipped into a road in the south-west of Ipswich and out jumped operatives.  Over a 3 day period, after surveillance, the property was transformed.  Not just by colour (45 litres of white to cover some very strong and strange colours) but furniture, bedding, pictures, carpets, kitchen utensils and the like also  slinked in through the front door.   A true undercover operation by Rotary and Inner Wheel in Ipswich.  Why the secrecy you ask – well this was for the rehoming of a family leaving the refuge.  On Lighthouse’s recommendation this was a worthy cause because the mother had made an effort to save up and turn her life around.   The Council make sure the fabric, water, central heating and electrics are safe and work but internal decoration is up to the incoming tenant.  With health problems and children to look after there was no way she could cope with making the inside habitable.  The request to Rotary came with just 5 days to set up the team and purchase or collect necessary items of furniture, bedding and utensils.  Then only two and a half days to undertake the task of changing the décor.  Completed with half day to spare.  (what a relief….!!) On the Monday morning when the tenant let herself in she was totally overwhelmed.  Many thanks to those who donated time, muscles, gave items or money to purchase them.

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