Scottish Night 2017

A large gathering of Rotarians, partners and guests enjoyed a varied programme of all things Scottish.

In his 'Toast to Scotland', Jim Bicker once again proved what an expert after dinner speaker he is.  His opening word-picture conjured up perfecty the old style family gatherings with song and laughter which,sadly,all but disappeared with the advent of television.  Similarly, the close-knit communities which thrived among the tenements and streets of cities also disappeared as high-rise flats shot skywardsand became the soulless accommodation blocks we see today.

In more rural areas, such as Bute however, the sense of belonging to a community still very much prevails.  Jim neatly paraphrased JFK words by saying 'ask not what your community can do for you but what you can do for  your community'.  With this as a benchmark individuals and organisations such as Rotary are still very much to the foreworking for the common weal.

Interspersed among his excellent speech were 3 songs in which everyone participated thus ensuring no one ws going to have an sneaky after dinner snooze!  They were, Cloulter's Candy ( Ali Bali Bee ), The Jeely Piece Song and Caledonia.

Thank you once again Jim for Supporting Rotary and entertaining us in such a refreshing way.

Vote of Thanks by Donald Kinnear.

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