International Toast

Sending the greetings of our club to another Rotary Club around the world

Each week one of our members chooses a Rotary Club in another country, makes a brief presentation about their reasons for the choice they have made, then all present drink a toast to the President and Members of the chosen club.

The reasons for choosing a club vary considerably. For some it is because of personal contact through their visit during a holiday or a business trip; for others it is because of family links, professional or cultural interests; in some cases a club is chosen because a country has experienced a disaster and we wish our fellow Rotarians in that location to know they are in our thoughts during their adversity.

During our evening meeting a card is passed round and signed by all members and their guests. The card is then sent to either the President or Secretary of the Rotary Club being toasted, together with a small brochure about Wirksworth and an appropriate covering letter. 

The International Toast has been a practice in our club for many years. The Club's Archives reveal that at the Council Meeting in November 1956 it was agreed 'that 100 greetings cards should be purchased to send to foreign clubs'.