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Young Musician District Final 2017

Fri 3rd February 2017 at 19.30 - 22.00

Five talented young musicians competing for a place in a Regional Final

On a miserable wet and windy night on 3 February 2017 over 200 people were warmed at Bristol Grammar School at the District Young Musician Final 2017.

Music is the international language and Great Britain and Ireland is home to some of the most talented young instrumentalists and vocalists in the world. Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (Rotary GB&I) celebrates this talent with a sequence of competitions that offer thousands of young people the chance to demonstrate their musical skills whether classical or modern. 

In the audience for the District Final were members of the Fishponds and Downend Rotary Club and their Guests. The Club had been responsible for organising one of the heats before the Final.

In the splendour of the large hall at Bristol Grammar School all five finalists played music of such high quality they all deserved to win. But such is the nature of the event that there can be only one winner. The winner was Amelia Gilmartin playing the violin. Second place went to Alice Rivers oboe, and third place to Finlay Dove playing the trumpet. Amelia will now progress to a Regional Final.

District Governor of District 1100 Richard Purdon who attended the event said that “… it will go down as 1 of the many highlights of the year”. 

For Andrea Fisher, member of the Fishponds and Downend Club who had helped organise the earlier heat “it was a magical evening”.