International Projects

Rotary is there to help people in need, wherever they maybe.

International Projects

Rotary International and individual Rotary clubs carry out a wide range of international programmes and activities designed to reach out to people in need throughout the world.

When major disasters strike Rotary are quick to respond by providing survival boxes such as Shelter box, Aqua box, and Trade boxes.

Water Aid

Trade Box

Shelter Box

As a club we have always been active in providing such boxes to the international arm of Rotary. All of the aid provided is channelled through the local clubs present in the area of the emergency, so ensuring that those in need get the help quickly.

We are also involved with other global support programmes to: eradicate poverty, hunger and malnutrition;  improve water supplies and sanitation;  reduce child mortality;  control diseases;  achieve education for all.

Rotarians from the medical professions use their expertise to run overseas clinics. These include providing much needed hearing aids, glasses and prosthetic limbs to those in areas of the world where these items are in short supply.

One of the major projects supported by Shepshed Charnwood is the eradication of Polio campaign through the offices of Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s own charity.

Many of the above projects receive funding to promote and achieve their aims from the Foundation, a world wide charity.

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