Using our Skills


Vocational Service is the Rotary "Avenue of Service" which encourages Rotarians to serve others through their professions and to aspire to high ethical standards.

Rotarians share skills and expertise through their vocations and they inspire others in the process. This applies just as much to those who have retired from work as to those still in work. 

We use our skills to plan, develop and work on projects that are beneficial to our local communities and, of course, nationally and internationally.

All of our skill sets are important, not just those of our trade or profession, but those learnt via hobbies, life experiences and fellowship with other Rotarians. These skill sets are Rotary’s unique and greatest asset.

The following are some examples of where we have used our members' skills to help in the community:

A Sensory Garden

Scout Hut Refurbishment    

Have you got skills and talents which you would like to use to help others?

Don't know how?

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Rotary is there to help people in need, wherever they maybe.