Gin Tasting Notes: Gin Tour of Scotland

Its all about the "Botanicals".

The following gins were tasted at our very pleasant evening.

North Berwick Gin: 42 %

The only drinks brand selected in celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday.  NB Gin is created using the London Dry process. It’s recognised globally and is the Only the finest 8 botanicals are used to make NB Gin: juniper; coriander seed; angelica root; grains of paradise; cassia bark; ground cardamom; lemon peel and orris root powder.

Garnish: Grapefruit or any citrus fruit.

Porter’s Gin (Aberdeen): 42%

This is made with juniper, angelica, almond, coriander, liquorice, lemon, orange, buddha’s hand, pink peppercorn, orris root, cassia bark and cinnamon. It's named after Professor Andrew Porter from Aberdeen University who sourced the team's rotary evaporator, used to cold distill some of the more delicate botanicals (including citrus) under vacuum whilst others go into a traditional copper pot still.  Porter’s Gin is a fusion of old and new. The resulting gin has a bold juniper body and unique citrus profile.

Garnish: Orange or Lime

Eden Mill Original (St Andrew’s): 42%

Different kinds have been produced and these are very nice in themselves. For example, Love Gin (with raspberry tones) is very pleasant to drink with strawberries or raspberries.  The original version was developed after other gins. Eden Mill Original Gin takes on a classic London Dry method. Made from Fife’s seabuckthorn berries. The unique tart berry flavour is abundant but balanced using citrus elements drawn from the other botanicals (like lemon balm and citrus peel). Original gin has a very clean and sweet taste.  Delivers spices of juniper and green pepper followed by bitter drying berries of cranberry and seabuckthorn. Eden gin leaves a slight prickle on the back of the tongue from the juniper and coriander that moves to leave a sweet orangey/lychee note.

Garnish: Citrus Fruits

Pickering's Gin (Summerhall, Edinburgh): 42%

Pickering's Gin is based on an old Bombay recipe and only came to light in 2013. Produced in the old vet’s college it is a lovely gin which is very easy to drink.   Launched in 2014 the company has worked hard to perfect the balance of botanicals and tweaking it. The result is a spectacularly smooth, refreshing and flavoursome gin.  Fresh, light and bold flavours of citrus and juniper give way to intense warming spice of cardamom, coriander seed and clove.

Garnish: Pink Grapefruit

Blackwood’s (Shetland): 41%

Made with hand-harvested Shetland botanicals picked fresh each summer by local crofters, this gin is always fresh and lively but uniquely reflects each vintage as it is dependent on the botanicals used.  Shetland botanicals including juniper, angelica, marsh marigold, coriander, meadow sweet and sea pink. Handsome and tasty with a salty and citrusy taste.

Garnish: Lemon or Lime

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