International: Atwimaman ICCES Training Centre, Ghana

Rotary provides support to the global community in many ways. The Rotary Club of Banff is proud to support the development of the Integrated Community Centre for Employable Skills Training Centre in Ghana.

The Integrated Community Centre for Employable Skills (ICCES) is based in the town of AtwimaTwedie (15km outside Kumasi) in Ghana. It operates under the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations (Ghana Education Services). The Government pays the staff salaries; the Centre/Community is responsible for all other expenses. The Centre serves a rural area of around 30 villages. This area can be considered poor.
In January 2014, the Centre comprised of 2 buildings – one not habitable (condemned) and the other comprised 3 very basic classrooms and an office. There were no toilets and there was no running water. Tuition fees were 30 Cedi per term (for those who can afford to pay). There were 47 students – 47 (32 male and 15 female). There was a high drop-out rate (between 2 and 6 students per annum).
In October, 2014, support was provided to develop the Development Plan for the Centre. The Hostel Accommodation for the girls was seen as the top priority. Funding was secured for the Hostel: one third from each of the local MP, the local District Assembly and a Scottish Rotarian. A Management Committee established to oversee the Project, comprising a Local MP, local Assemblyman, Ghana Education Services, local Chiefs and the Centre Manager. Work commenced on the hostel in December 2014.
Following the successful completion of the Hostel, a further Development Plan has been prepared for the next three years. The Plan includes: construction of a 2 unit hostel block – separate units for boys and girls; construction of 2 unit workshop for carpentry and dressmaking; a bore hole; shower room; toilet facility; soccer and volleyball facilities; classrooms; sports kits; farming; an ICT laboratory.
The Rotary Club of Banff is proud to support these developments.