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Indian International Immunisation Day

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January 2017

India has been polio free since 2011 but had to maintain the mass immunisation because of threats from Pakistan & Afghanistan. So far only 37 cases worldwide last year down a half on previous year and down from 250,000 in 1985 when Rotary first took the initiative to eradicate polio.

This January Rotarians from over England took part in one of their National Immunisation Days with giving polio drops, and painting the little finger nail purple, a way of knowing who has had them.

The youngest having drops was only 7 days old.

The Immunisation day takes place all over India in the different regimes, we were in Amritsar. It starts with going around the streets making people aware of what was taking place, then manning the booths where the drops were being done, and lastly going around the streets door to door again making people aware, and giving out drops and doing the little finger nail purple, it was a great experience for those taking part.