Rtn. Chris Henley: Boarding School days of an 8 year old in the 1960's

Mon 11th September 2017 at 18.45 - 20.30

Rtn Chris Henley, Teddy and President Andy

Rtn Chris Henley, Teddy and President Andy

Rotarian Chris Henley visited us to tell us about his experience of being sent to boarding school, aged seven and a half, in the mid-Sixties.

Chris was taken to London by his somewhat distant father and despatched, with many other boys, on a train from Waterloo to a prep school in Winchester, accompanied only by his teddy bear.  He had never even seen the school before.

Chris told us about homesickness, the daily routine (lots of "chapel"), the bad things and the good things.

He brought Teddy with him (and his wife, Jenny - also a Rotarian), and the picture shows Chris introducing Teddy to President Andy.  Teddy's the one in the middle.