Health Safety and Wellbeing policy

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

GDPR Matters

As you will all know, this issue is all consuming at present with many organisations. Having sought advice from knowledgeable members of both Rotary GB&I and District and other similar units so affected, we feel we should keep matters as simple as possible but remain compliant unless we are advised otherwise by an authoritative source.

To this end, we will assume your agreement that the contact details we currently hold against your name are held with your agreement unless you advise us otherwise. They are:  

Surname and Christian name, landline 'phone number, Membership status (Committee Member, Officer etc.) email address, Rotary Club and Postal address.

That is all, and these details are not revealed to third parties under any circumstances. Any mass circulations to members are limited to news and information relevant to members only and are only circulated by email using Blind Copies. Thus they may only be read by the individual recipient who knows not to whom the copies are addressed.

If you would prefer not to have your full details or parts thereof, held by us for these purposes please let us know the amendments you wish. If we do not learn from you of such requirements, then we will assume you are content and continue with our current record keeping and circulation methods and offer our thanks for your consideration

The Rotary Club of Royal Leamington Spa have a very strick Health, Safety and Wellbeing policy besides carrying out risk assessments on all our programmes and projects. The Health and Safety committee is chaired by John Carrington who has an extensive knowledge and many years of experience with public corporations in this field. John can be contacted from this page using the contact form.

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