Polio Plus Challenge

Polio Eradication

The Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation has donated $200,000,000 to the Rotary Foundation to disperse as required for continuing the fight against Polio working through W.H.O and UNICEF. $100.000.000 will be allocated for each of the next two years.  Rotary Clubs and Districts are challenged to contribute another $100.000.000 each year to match the Gates Foundation Grant and finish the job to ensure a POLIO FREE WORLD.  The Committee will be putting together some fund raising ideas for the club's contribution to Polio Plus.


It is suggested a start can be made through allocating 10% of DDF Fund being given to the Polio Plus programme. It is also suggested that Clubs and Districts should have their plans for the funding by the end of March 2008.


Donations from District DDFs and Clubs will count towards matching the Gates Foundation Challenge Grant.  Donations to Polio Plus Partners will continue to be matched $.50 for every $1.00 contributed, up to $1,5 million. We must stay focused on the current needs for Polio Plus Partners in an effort to provide full funding for all the projects on the Open Project List.  The December Open Project List contains 5 Polio Eradication Projects in need of $1,293,128

In the past year considerable progress has been made. The number of new cases of polio was 992, which is less than half the number for 2006(1997).  The disease still remains endemic in four countries, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. . The number of countries where the disease has occurred outside these endemic areas has been reduced from 16 to eight. India continues to lead the way. There are 17 project requests in 2006-7, 2007-8 totalling $5,831,908.36. Great progress is being made in Nigeria. 264 cases in 2007 compared with 1122 in 2006