Steak and bowls at the Grove in Leominster

Wed 31st May 2017 at 18.45 - 21.45

We enjoyed another of our social events at the Grove this evening....

Sixteen of us met in the restaurant area and after a drink and a chat we settled down to our dinner. The steak was good tonight ( can be variable ) and we enjoyed the company of Andrea and Colin ( Ivan and Cathy's friends) Frank and Sue ( Dave and Heather's friends) and our regular "Steak and Bowlers" Steve and Vi. After the meal we trooped through to the bowling area, collected our "fashionable " red shoes and chose our pitch. We proceeded bowling the usual range of strikes, spares and many gutters, having a laugh along the way, until Kim emerged as victor with 121. Runners up were Martin and Frank on 113. So the challenge is on for August 31st - see you there!

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