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Thank you all for selling the quiz and buying the quiz. We will raise over £500 for charities. I thought it would be good to share some inside information about the quiz.

As a lifelong puzzler I have always had an interest in numbers and decided that I would share this with you this year.

My first confession is that despite saying that there would be no repeat in the numbers there was a repeat of the number 23 in questions regarding the Lord is my Shepherd and the lowest number you cannot get with one dart.

The other area of controversy was what Top of the shop was in Bingo. Back in my day it was always 90. However as Bingo became more commercialised Top of the Shop became lower, so that more games could be played in a set time and top of the shop can range from 60,70 80 or 90. I decided to give an answer for this question to avoid confusion.

There are always some questions that cause a few problems

Question 13 what number has all the roman numerals in order was MDCLXVI which translates to 1666. Several people answered 364 but I was looking for the way that years are expressed in roman numerals rather than subtracting Roman numerals from a 1000 down to 1 and giving the answer. I liked you ingenuity but it wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

Question 39 Total of all the gifts for Christmas was 364 and is arrived at by singing the song and realising that the Partridge in a pear tree is given 12 times one for each day and so on.

Question 44 gave people the most problems. Once you made the link between non alcoholic and Temperance ,it should have led you to the Temperance Seven who had a hit with Pasadena.

Finally clue 50 ‘how many squares of all sizes are there on a chessboard brought a plethora of answers. The correct answer was 204, and was arrived at by adding the squares of numbers 1 to 8 together to cover all squares that can be found from the big square that is 8x8 right through to the smallest squares of which there are 64 and all sizes in between.

I have had a lot of fun with this quiz, I have had 37  entries returned to me by May 27th.

 I do not apologise for all the frustration I have caused just think of all that exercise you have been giving your brain.

It will soon be time to start on next year’s quiz which I hope to have on sale early in the New Year.



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