Junior Technology Tournament

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Junior Technology Tournament 2017

Welcome to first ever Junior Technology Tournament written by the Rochester Bridge Trust, in collaboration with and for Rotary Great Britain and Ireland.

Primary schools and younger children have different needs to teenagers you might be used to working with in a Technology Tournament:

  • The children have shorter attention spans.
  • They will not have had as many years learning about engineering, design or model making.
  • Their schools are smaller, perhaps with just one hall that is constantly in use so can't be booked out for an event.
  • Primary schools don't tend to have mini buses like Secondary schools, so transport is a very expensive cost most can't afford.

But don't under estimate how creative and resourceful the children can be! Some of them will be able to make things that are similar to the Beginners level in a Senior TT.

Because of these different needs, we have structured the Junior TT in a slightly different way, with a shorter tournament and some pre tasks that give the pupils fun, interactive learning experiences they need.

There are different ways you can use this tournament material based on the circumstances in your district. It has been designed to be suitable for 8-11 year olds and could be delivered as:

  • A Whole day with one class in a Primary School in a classroom
  • Two half days with one class in a Primary School in a classroom
  • Four twilights with one class in a Primary School in a classroom or hall (a twilight would tend to be about an hour eg. 15.15 – 16.15)
  • Or you could scale it up to work with many teams competing as they currently do in Senior TT using an external venue for this.

The Resources you have here in this pack give you the guidance you need to run this event in a classroom with one whole class of 30-32 pupils. We have included PowerPoints with notes for the pre tasks and the Tournament. The notes on each slide explain what you would say and the points to draw out of the children through questioning and hands on activities. This pack includes:

  • This overall guidance document - Download
  • All the pre tasks PowerPoint, (see the notes on each slide)
  • The pre tasks PowerPoint broken down into four separate pre tasks so they can be used for shorter twilight sessions. In an hour it should be possible to do two of the pre tasks with enough time for the children to clear up and pack away after.
  • The Tournament PowerPoint (see the notes on each slide)
  • An equipment list for the whole day allowing you to print one list of everything you need - Download.
  • The testing base working drawing so you can make up the test rigs - Download.
  • The guidance just for the tournament - Download.
  • Handout for testing materials pre task - Download.
  • Print out of the RBT logos you can then cut up into separate logos - Download.

Link to:  Additional guidance for the Junior Technology Tournament

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