Bingham Town Fair

Sat 10th June 2017 at 08.00 - 09.00

Shelterbox and Aquabox display, plus sale of books at Bingham Town Fair

Our stall at this summer's Town Fair featured a Shelterbox, and Aquabox, and a book sale in aid of the Bingham Audio Magazine.

Shelterboxes are complete disaster survival kits, that consist of a tent, blankets and sleeping mats, a stove for cooking and heating, basic utensils, plates and cups, cutlery, tools and various other essential items.  The box itself acts as a water filter and can provide safe drinking and cooking water for a family for several months.  Shelterboxes are filled and kept in store at a central location sot that they can be shipped in large quantities immediately to anywhere in the world when disaster strikes.

Aquaboxes are similar, but on a smaller scale.  They, too, provide a safe water supply for a family for several months.

Bingham Audio Magazine provides a monthly audio news digest and features of interest on CD.  It goes to around 350 people in Bingham and the surrounding area.  Many of them are housebound or unable to get out much.  The audio magazine is produced entirely by volunteers.