Eco Greenhouse Construction at Robert Miles Infant School

Thu 8th June 2017 at 09.00 - 13.00

Building Eco the Greenhouse at Robert Miles Infant School - with assistance from Sainsbury's

The Eco Greenhouse has a sturdy timber frame, and the roof and side are made from 2 litre drinks bottles with the bottoms cut off.  They are threaded onto stout canes, which are then attached to the frame.

We had enough bottles for the roof and the back.  When we have enough to complete the sides we shall return to Robert Miles Infant School to complete the job.

We are grateful for the support of:

  • Soal Glass in Bingham, who generously paid for the Eco Greenhouse kit;
  • Sainsbury's in Bingham, who helped us construct the Eco Greenhouse and are actively collecting more bottles.