AGM Convener Reports April 2017

A summary of the achievements for the current Rotary year

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The fundraising committee were set six goals at the start of the Rotary year by President Dave Riddell. As one might expect some of these have been achieved and some have not but will undoubtedly carried forward to the next Rotary year.

The six goals were as follows:

1.Ultimate Quiz Night – As a tried and tested event this again was a very successful fund raiser. It netted nearly £3,500 for Children in Need and Rotary Charities. My thanks to Tom Pettigrew for leading this event and all Rotarians who assisted on the night.

2.FTSE Competition – it was suggested that the FTSE Competition was resurrected and that any proceeds should go to Foundation. Unfortunately this competition did not happen this year but it should continue to be considered in future years.

3.Charity Spring Ball – this event was held on 31 March 2017 as Joint Venture with the Circle of Comfort Charity.The event was a sell out and extremely successful as it raised over £12,000 plus any Gift Aid that may still be recovered. In particular my thanks go to President Dave, Keith Davison and Robert & Rosann Haig for the organising of this event.

4.AMAM Golf Day – Forrester Park – This event is currently underway and is to be held on the 31 May. As this is another of our tried and tested events it is anticipated to raise £4,000 plus.

5.Charity Auction Website – This was planned to be an annual event of running a fundraising Charity Auction on the website but for various technical reasons this has not been achieved.

6.Finally the Fundraising committee were tasked with coming up with another key/major event but again due to various circumstances and time constraints this will not happen this year.

In conclusion it has been a mixed year with some notable successes but with a number of projects to carry forward to be concluded in the next Rotary year.

My personal thanks go to each and every member for their help and support in what has been a difficult year for me.

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