DICTIONARIES FOR LIFE. Presentation at Calmore Junior School

President Sam had the pleasure of handing out the dictionaries to Year 6 of Calmore Junior School.

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Eight o'clock on a hot Monday morning found Rotarian Ray Dawes complete with camera and President Sam Turner (standing in for President Philip Dinn) in the assembly hall at Calmore Junior School. Head Teacher Lisa Marshall introduced herself and Head of year six Mr Darch, who would  take School Assembly. It was decided for photographic reasons that the normal assembly star awards would be made first and except for year six all other pupils would return to class.

A short  explanation was made about Dictionaries for Life and that they were being donated by The New Forest Rotary Club.  President Sam challenged the pupils to learn a new word each day and test either their Mum & Dad or the Teacher at their new School if they knew the meaning.

Pupils were called one at a time to receive the dictionary with their name beautifully written inside.

They were all very polite with a thank you and a hand shake on receiving the book. Ray did an excellent job of taking individual photos followed by a group photo.

The School should be rightly proud of the behaviour and politeness of their pupils.

Sam Turner. President,