Annual Community Award

Portland Rotary Club's annual award is nominated by members of the public and presented to a deserving individual who has helped the Portland Community.

  This year's winner is Anna Eveleigh, for her work with the Alzheimers Society and their  'singing for the brain' service. Congratulations to her, we look forward to presenting the cheque and certificate soon.

  • This award was introduced in 1985 and is given annually to a deserving Portland citizen, who has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people in our Community. It could be for something on a small or large scale and is open to people who work as volunteers, or are paid for their work.

  • The winner receives a framed certificate and a cheque for £150, given to the Charity of their choice. 

  • Nominations for the 2018 Award will be open from March to May 2018, please look out for our posters nearer the time.
  • Here is the list of previous Winners...

Name Year President
Ms Anna Eveleigh 2017 Dave Shaw
Mr Paul Merry 2016 Mark Townsend
Ms Kim Wilcocks + Mrs Patricia Shakespeare 2015 Stan Knight
Mrs Margaret Stone 2014 Janet Kench
Ms Jan Davey and Mr Roland Smith 2013 Helen Allen
Mrs Nikki Fryer 2012 Stan Knight
Mr Rick Winterburn 2011 Alan Newberry
Mr Michael O'Grady 2010 Julia Lunn
Mrs Viv Kimber 2009 Sarah Curtis
Mrs Betty Porter 2008 Bruce Binwell
Mrs Terri Shakespeare 2007 Tom Broadhead
Mrs Kitty Fancy 2006 Ian McPheat
Mrs Eva Dow 2005 Steve Cole
Mrs Anne Ette 2004 Andrew Coupe
Mr Reg Perry 2003 Chris Hornby
Mrs Freda Phillips 2002 Pat Unwin/Harry Lunn
Malcolm and Pat Atherton 2001 Harry Lunn
Mrs Lillie Moore 2000 Harry Lunn
Maureen Cook 1999 Geoff Barter
Ann Trim on behalf of the late Peter Trim 1998 Richard Williamson
Mr Arthur Copus 1997 Keith Foster
John(Butch) Nash 1996 Clive Davies
Rev. Peter Collingwood 1995 Vic Pomeroy
Mrs M Field 1994 Martin Brain
Mr Dave Golding 1993 Mike Duthoit
J Baxter 1992 Peter Burrows
Mr Fred Bumford 1991 John Heather
Mrs Kath James 1990 Alan Newberry
Mr Bert Hicks 1989 Ron Smith
Mrs Hilda Swinney 1988 John Reay
Mrs Pattie Read 1987 Ken Lobb
Mrs Nellie Mitchell 1986 Ger Woonton