Bridlington Rotary Club Golf Trophy

Internal Competition for Members of the Club

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Bridlington Rotary Club Golf Trophy                            
This silver cup has been played for between members of Bridlington Rotary Club for the last 67 years. It is unknown who originally purchased the cup, but it is inscribed “Bridlington Rotary Club Golf Cup.”
The cup stands 160mm (6 ½”) high on a pedestal with the winners names inscribed below. Made from sterling silver, its hallmarks show that it was made in Sheffield by Walker & Hall in 1904, making it 110 years old. There is a frieze around the rim depicting Roman sporting activities.
The first date and name on the cup is 1949 – D.Dunk. Donald Dunk was a local builder who built the Sandsacre estate. His son Richard runs Dunk, Lewis & Graves, Estate Agents.
1950 – WH Boddington.      Bill was Treasuer for the old Bridlington Town Council.
1951/54/55/59 – FS Hunter.   Fred was the Gas Board Manager.
1958/61/63 – JR Beale    Unknown
1960 – N Cooper        Norman was manager of Barclays Bank
1964/65 – KB Dixon        Ken ran a Timber Merchant business on Bessingby Ind Estate
1966 – F Clarke        Fred was a Chemist with a pharmacy on Bridge Street
1967 – A Wheelhouse        Alan ran a Portacabin business on Carnaby Industrial Estate.
1974/75/76/79 – J Bapty    John was a retired optician.
1977 – D Porter        Dennis was the manager of the GPO
1978/80/97 – R West        Still a member of the Club, Roger was a scratch golfer.
1981/85/87 – CS Pickard    Cyril was manager of the Halifax Building Society.
1983/84/93 – Richard Bough.     Richard was a Chemist and manager of Boots Chemists.

1988/90/91/92 – Rev JC Meek.  John was Canon of Bridlington Priory Church
1989 – D Thomas        Don was manager of the Halifax Building Society
1994/96/03/05/11 – TT Nixon.     Still a member, Tom is a retired Chemist who had a pharmacy                            on Promenade
1995 – A Costello        Alan was a Bailiff and is now sadly deceased
1999 – WR Thompson        Roy is a retired local government personnel manager.

2000/01/09/10/13/14/16 – L Cook       Still a member, Lance is a retired Building Surveyor.
2002/04/07 – GM Weightman.  Geoff owned a Care Home, but now lives in Scarborough
2008/12 – H Barnett        Still a member, Harry is a retired hairdresser.
2015 – P Walker        Still a member, Paul is a Planning Consultant
2016                Last year the cup was contested.

Lance Cook 2017