The Rotary Club of Locks Heath supports 'Service above Self' locally, nationally and internationally. This page outlines how the club is helping those disadvantaged people living is other parts of the world.

Rotary Great Britain and Ireland (R.I.B.I), is a global organisation active in 250 countries.

Locks Heath Rotary upholds the values of Rotary International by including in their fundraising plan funds for the people who because of geography or disaster suffer hardship and poverty on a daily basis.


Phoebe’s Family G.B.

This is a Winchester based charity that provides finance, education, shelter and medical services for orphans, widows and the elderly in the Kisumu, Bondo & Sayia counties of Kenya.

The charity is founded and managed by one of our Rotarians, working in partnership with a team of Kenyans under the leadership of Bishop Phoebe Onyango. Therefore we have been keen to support this work as it is a small but effective charity.


Literacy Boxes

Teaming up with Rotary Club of Roborough Plymouth, Locks Heath Rotary sent three Literacy boxes to Kisumu, Kenya. Hundreds of children benefited from the contents of these specially prepared boxes, and the teachers love the storage space they have in the boxes themselves.


New School in Bondo

A new infants and junior school was built to educate the orphans in the Bondo Farm orphanage, Locks Heath Rotary sent money for new furniture.


Sewing Academy

This is the latest project in Kisumu. Working with 'Tools for Self Reliance' we are helping to set up a Sewing and Tailoring Academy to help you girls provide for their families. The course runs over two years and the girls and young women get to keep the sewing machines provided.

The Academy is certificated and the girls will finish with a recognised certificate. There will be a small shop on site so that the students can sell the goods they produce. This is also linked to a project that makes washable sanitary towels for the young girls of the area.


ShelterBox Scheme

We have provided funds for the R.I.B.I. ShelterBox scheme

ShelterBox responds instantly, providing families who have been effected by a disaster with shelter, warmth and dignity when they need it most. A shelter box typically contains a specially designed tent and other vital equipment such as blankets, water filtration unit, cooking equipment and mosquito nets.

ShelterBoxes are stored in strategic locations around the world, enabling us to have aid on the ground within 48 hours.

Working closely with other international aid agencies, governments and local organisations, our highly trained ShelterBox Response team volunteers ensure aid reaches the most vulnerable families and communities. Recently we have supplied support for disasters in Haiti, Sri Lanka and Nepal.


Aqua Boxes


Mary’s Meals

Mary's Meals is now a global movement which provides food for children throughout the world.