International/ Brooklyn Chest Hospital 2006

Medical Supplies for Hospital

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Pam and Tom Nixon are regular visitors to the Rotary Club of Milnerton whenever they are in Cape Town.

During one visit in 2006 the subject of required equipment was discussed for Brooklyn Chest Hospital, close to the suburb of Milnerton, which is primarily a T.B. hospital.   T.B. in Africa is also a very active disease and, together with the AIDS pandemic, continues to increase at an alarming rate.  Many AIDS patients succumb to T.B. increasing the burden.
A Past President of the local Roatry Club, Dr. Peter Morris, was at one time head of this hospital and he is in regular touch with the staff there. 
He received a request, which he duly passed on to the Rotary Club of Milnerton , for urgently needed equpment for the Physiotherapy department.   Given the parlous state of the health department, without help from an organisation such as ourselves, the wait for this equipment is likely to be years, if ever!   Items of this nature are vital in the recovery/recuperation T.B. and strengthen the immune system.
Tom did say that Bridlington Rotary Club might be able to help but would prefer it to be for a specific item.  The Club duly approved