Sal's Shoes Collection at Brigg Primary School

Thu, Jul 20th 2017 at 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Children bring their old shoes to be sent to enable others to go to school in places like Africa

There are 300 million barefoot children worldwide, and many of those children are excluded from school as lots of countries do not allow barefoot children to attend school.

Sal's Shoes is a charity, based near London, involved in redistributing used children's shoes to barefoot children in developing countries. This has an enormous impact on the children who receive them, it's hard for us to imagine as we take having shoes for granted, but the joy it brings to children as well as the practical benefit is huge. It also has an environmental befit locally with fewer shoes ending up in landfill sites.

The Rotary Club of Brigg are involved in local schools with reading support provided by a number of members, as a result Mrs Spencer, the head teacher at Brigg Primary was approached and asked if the school would like to be involved in supporting Sal's Shoes. Staff and the children were very keen to be part of the project locally and a collection was arranged for the end of summer term. The children have really enjoyed bringing in old shoes knowing that they will be going to a good home and help to transform the lives of barefoot children worldwide, more than 100 shoes of all types were collected and will soon be on their way to children across the world. 

The photograph shows some of the children and shoes collected, it will be sent with the shoes as the children who receive the shoes like to know where they have come from.

The project has had a great start and will continue locally when the children return to school in September.

Tony Forbes and David Falconer of the Rotary Club of Brigg would like to thank all the staff, students and parents for all their help and donations of shoes.

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