Romanian Students Visit Saddleworth Rotary Club

Feedback from our Romanian Students: ’Keep up with the things you do. You are all inspiring and wonderful.’

Amazing feedback from Julia Jacab....

"I’m lucky to confess, that the two weeks I spent this summer in England were the highlight of my summer holiday. Our school from Transylvania chose Balázs and me to participate in this year’s summer camp. Little did we know back then what was waiting for us. We had never sat on a plane before, never travelled so far for such a long time from home…until this summer. Everything was a pleasant surprise.

We got the chance to stay at Clint and Angie’s, whose kindness and hospitality were boundless. The moments we shared,  the evenings together, the trips when Clint surprised us with his amazing taste of music, the evening we cooked them a Hungarian goulash (and they actually liked it!) are, and will be unforgettable. They were amazing as they showed what it is really like to be young at heart.

Before the camp we also met the lovely Stan and Sheila, who spent a whole day with us telling incredible stories and bringing us to mesmerizing places. Whitby and Goathland were amazing, same as the Fish & Chips that was firstly introduced to us by them. Great day with wonderful people. The day before the camp the Rotary Club of Saddleworth welcomed us on a delicious traditional English lunch followed by a little surprise. The flight with Anneliese was an experience of a lifetime – I never thought that I was ever going to pilot a plane! I am so thankful for the chance and for the club’s support. They are all inspiring people that I am glad I have met.

As the camp began, more and more adventure and excitement came. I met wonderful people from all over the world (Croatia, Germany, Macao, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands). At Petty Pool Outdoor Centre we had so much fun. The staff treated us like friends, they entertained us and helped us with useful advice when needed. Thanks to them, we became a good team. I will never forget the cold nights when we hardly knew each other, but still, we were staying outside talking to each other about anything that came to our minds and sometimes ending up talking about some pretty serious topics. I will never forget the weekend spent on the island, the jokes, the trips with the vans, the voyage with the Manannan, the sightseeing, the dinners we shared with different Rotary clubs, the Art Museum of Manchester, the competitions between the two teams, the ’Who’s the better DJ’ game, singing and dancing together, the day I fell into the river, the day Balázs and me taught the other campers how to play Samurai, the little trip with the Rolls-Royce and the Talent Show. I cannot thank enough for Rotary for making this happen and creating these amazing connections between people. They provided us a good company, amazed us with their kindness, they shared their stories with us and paid attention when it was our turn. During these two weeks I  learnt not to fear the unknown and to live with every opportunity given.

I remember the last things I told Stan before saying goodbye:  ’Keep up with the things you do. You are all inspiring and wonderful.’ Thank you, Rotary!"

Two Romanian visitors Julia Jakab and Balazs Szoke, and Alex Hoskyn, from the "Chatty Cafe" Scheme provided an eclectic Guest List at the Rotary Lunch on 19th July - as usual, hosted at The White Hart, Lydgate.

Julia and Balasz are both 18 year old students from Clus, Trannsylvania, Romania who are visiting the UK for the first time. Every year, the Rotary Club of Saddleworth funds a trip for two students to come over to England, for what is usually a life- changing Trip for the young people. For these two, it was the very first time they had flown. Not just satisfied with a 3 legged trip from Romania via Munich and Frankfurt, they were taken on a small plane flight, courtesy of Rotarian Malcolm Hill's Son, Martin, over the area to provide them with their personal Bird's Eye view of Saddleworth. Julia and Balasz, are being hosted by Rotarian Clint Elliott and his Partner, Angie and have had a packed and exciting schedule, including a visit to the Isle of Man. Their trip culminates in a ten day visit to Petty Pool Trust and Activity Centre in Northwich where they will participate in an enormous number of activities with other international students from all over the world.

Julia and Balasz greatly enjoyed their lunch time with the Rotary Club - especially as Alex Hoskyn came to speak to us on her fantastic new venture "The Chatty Cafe". The idea is that cafes have a "Chatter and Natter" table, where people can take a seat and talk to anyone else there, whether it is a few minutes or much longer. In this way, potential loneliness can be combated. Alex has helped set up many of these cafes and many more are interested - as are local voluntary groups.

If you would like to find out more about the Chatty Cafe scheme and participating cafes online, please contact