In a world that is forever changing and offering new and demanding challenges, it is crucial that we in Rotary recognise and encourage young adults to develop their skills so they can achieve their potential in work and the world in which they live.

RYLA (Rotary Young Leadership Awards)

Rotary Creates Leaders.Rotary's leadership and personal development program in East Anglia has successfully changed many lives, giving young people the skills and tools to improve their employment prospects and develop careers. RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) at Grafham Water is now in its 21st year and has consistently evolved with numerous glowing testimonies from employers, graduates, sponsors and Rotarians. RYLA is a 7 day, 15 hours per day fully residential intensive program held at Grafham Water Centre, Cambridge, during the first week of September and is designed to change 45 individuals into a formidable team of people, using professional tutors, lecturers and instructors.

This life changing experience is achieved by taking people out of their comfort zones and challenging established beliefs and boundaries. Day 1 sees 45 individuals from East Anglia being introduced to the Centre, each other and tutors using a number of established ice breaker techniques, formed into teams of 9 with their own individual tutor and that evening going off for a night walk.

The following 6 days are spent building on this foundation via lectures, team building exercises, business projects and physical activities. During this period graduates will experience running a Company, leading group projects, presentation and social skills, resulting in a confidence and ability that makes a leader. This opportunity is open to all from age 18 to 26, from any background, recently left their place of education, in employment or currently job searching, all for a total cost of £600. Sponsorship can be via individual Rotary Clubs, Companies, Families, individuals, indeed from any party that wishes to help develop our future.

Today's world of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) benefits in every conceivable way, with graduates being awarded a certificate of attendance and a CPD certificate detailing the week and hours spent on each discipline.

Our club funds and supports at least one candidate each year. For more information visit www.ryla.co.uk and view their promotional DVD, or, if you have identified a potential candidate please contact Robin Wraight on this page.

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