A week in the Lakes with the Calvert Trust

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The Calvert Trust is a charity whose aim is to challenge disability ‘through outdoor adventure’. The activities include hill walking, rock climbing, abseiling, horse riding, archery, sailing, canoeing and cycling.  The whole ethos is to teach the participants what they can do and not what they can’t do, which is often the case in their normal environment.

Suitable candidates are sponsored by Rotary Clubs and enjoy a week at theCalvert Trust centre overlooking Lake Bassenthwaite in the Lake District.

The club has supported the Trust by donations over several years but this time we decided to find and sponsor our own candidate.

 A daunting task made easier by joining forces with the Rotary Club of Shepshed under the watchful eye of Rotarian Janet Sinclair.

Janet is a long term supporter and volunteer at the centre, and her experience guided our champions, Mike Hall and Peter Hickling, in the selection of a suitable candidate.

 After several interviews, the enthusiasm and willingness to take part shown by Rachel (a resident of Shepshed) made her an ideal person for the adventure.

After the event Rachel visited both clubs to give us an insight into the activities she took part in.

When asked what her favourite activities were she answered "Archery (winner of the competition) and, of course, driving the pony and trap".

These small moments encapsulate the mission of the Calvert Trust - “Enabling the disabled to achieve their potential through the challenge of adventurous activities”. 

A truly inspirational evening and our thanks must go to all the supporters and volunteers who make this happen, but the final words must go to the participants like Rachel - well done.