Fleet Rotary Lend with Care Project

Sat 5th August 2017 at 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm

Since 2015 Fleet Rotary has invested £1000 in Lend with Care and with re-investments amounting to over £5600 we are helping many groups and individuals around the world

Lend With Care – Typical case supported by Fleet Rotary 

September 2018  -  Amount requested £1022.75, of which Fleet Rotary has donated £150. 

(Report supplied by LendwithCare)

Randy Paran is a 43 year old farmer in the Philippines who grows flower-bearing plants. He lives with his wife Melgen and five children in Malubog in Cebu province. Four of his children attend the local school. 

Randy started to farm in 2000. He plants locally known flowers. He ploughs two different areas of land that has a total of 30 plots with 18 to 30 metres each plot. He is currently harvesting his golden yellow flowers and earns 800 to 1,500 Pesos per week. His wife and eldest child are his helping hands in taking care of their flowers. Randy also hires two to three people whenever he needs someone to make the plots and cut the stems, and to plant the plots again. 

Our photograph shows Randy Paran on his farm.

He requested a loan in July 2018 in order to have the funds to purchase farm inputs and materials and one unit water pump (gasoline operated). He already has a water pump but he wanted to have one more unit intended for his second farm. This will help save time and effort for transferring the pump from one farm to another. Randy will purchase six types of commercial fertilisers and eight types of pesticides to ensure quality harvest of flowers. 

His materials includes 1,000 pieces of bamboo splints, 10 rolls of straw softie and three rolls of water hose. Randy also set aside 10,000 pesos to pay the labourers he will hire in the future. These farm inputs are intended to four to six months usage. He plans to add more plots to increase his production of flowers. Randy hopes to earn more than the usual so he can provide the needs of his family and continuously send his children to school. He has promised to repay the loan over 12 months. 

Project Lend with Care (LWC)

Lend With Care is a microloan scheme operated in conjunction with Care International 

They operate in many countries around the world lending relatively small amounts of money to entrepreneurs who have already been screened by the organisation as ‘sound’

Many loans are of a few hundred pounds with a small proportion of the money due for repayment every month

Since 2015 the Fleet Rotary has invested £1,000 in LWC with our International Team taking responsibility for day to day management of the project

The initial investment has been repayed and reinvested several times over, resulting in over £5,600 aiding many enterprises, several of which are women’s groups acting as farming or trading cooperatives in Africa, Latin America and the Far East

The montage photograph shows a selection of entrepreneurs benefitting from our support - Collage photo text.
Top row: left: Vietnam - Market Stall holder. Centre: Malawi - second hand clothes cooperative. Right: Pakistan - Tailoring store
Centre row: Phillipines - Farming expansion. Right: Rwanda - Sugar Cane Farming Cooperative
Bottom row: Cambodia - Rice Farming expansion. Centre: Rwanda - Farming expansion. Right: Malawi - Farming cooperative expansion

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