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President’s Blog Number 3

November 2017  

Our Barn Dance on 29th September was a whirl!  The band Rapscallion and their patient caller had us leaping about in various directions, not always the right one; it was great fun, if rather dizzying at times.  Thanks go to Julian for arranging a really good evening meeting.

The following evening saw us at the Salvation Army Citadel to join Rotarian Major Lindsey Toy for a Cornish Choir concert.  The Choir are based in St Ives, Cornwall, and travel around at their own expense to help others raise money.  The singers were wonderful and their musical director and Lindsey competed throughout the evening, telling a variety of jokes and anecdotes.  Lindsey was able to present a cheque to Rotary for £200, being half the proceeds from the evening.

The District 1200 conference this year was a one-day affair in Wells with an optional evening meal.  Several members of our club went along and enjoyed the day.  The one-day format is likely to be the choice in future with a preference for a venue where everything is on one site.  Next year’s is probably going to be at Cadbury House.

Bristol Rotary Club celebrated their 100th anniversary with a gala dinner on 4th November and four Weston Rotarians and their partners went along.  As our own 100th is not far off (October 2021) they were taking notes and a small committee will be formed soon.

I really don’t want to be reminded about the skittles match on 9th November.  Having forgotten about it until the last minute arrived on time and then proceeded to play for the other side – by which I mean scoring 0-0-0-5-0-5.  Yes, could have been worse I suppose.  Jamie will probably leave me on the bench for the next match.  Peter Castell was our highest scorer (47 I think).

Carnival night for us started at the Citadel for a buffet before we headed off with our collecting buckets and sashes.  The Scouts joined us as in previous years and the weather was fine then turned to rain – as usual.  Jonathan drove the float and David Dodgson rode shotgun (well, microphone), appealing to the crowds to lob their pennies at him.  Those of us walking along amongst the floats were able to nip in to John Scott’s turret for a warming dram halfway round.  It will be interesting to hear how much money we collected.

John Haycock and Julian represented us at the Remembrance Day parade on 12th November, with John laying the wreath at the memorial.

As always, our Speaker meetings have been well-attended and interesting.  Thanks to Ken Salter for finding a wide range of people to speak to us. 

President’s Drinks chez moi on 10th December!

President Marian


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