Rotary Youth Leadership Award - Sea Cadets

Wed 4th October 2017 at 19.00 - 22.00

'Able Cadets' Billy Fryer and Matt Hunt of the Hastings Sea Cadet Corps

Rotary Club of Senlac sponsored 'Able Cadets' Billy Fryer and Matt Hunt of the Hastings Sea Cadet Corps to attend a 3 day Rotary Youth Leadership Award course held in Kent in April. They spoke to the club on 4 October 2017 about their experiences and adventures and what they had gained from the course.  They were nervous and apprehensive before they started the course but soon met other people and quickly made friends. One of the first activities was a blindfolded night walk through the woods and they continued with team games such as raft building, rope work and “Leaps of Faith” – one of their favourites! All the activities were based on learning to trust others, communication and leadership. They were also required to research Rotary, prepare and make a presentation on their findings.

 Both were very enthusiastic about the course and said they had learned skills and gained confidence in themselves as a result of attending and they are both putting their new skills to the test in the Sea Cadets. They had thought that Rotary was a local thing that helped with sponsorship; their research had made them realise what a massive organisation it was and how it helped people around the world.

Iain Robinson was pleased to have heard that they really liked the food and thanked them for a very confident talk about the weekend.

Two local scouts will be sponsored by the club to take part in the next course to be held in November 2017.