Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Raising local child literacy level and fostering a love of reading in pre-school children

Nottingham City Council “Early Intervention” children’s literacy scheme is prospering.

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library - Nottingham – is a free book gifting scheme aimed to raise the level of early childhood literacy.  Now the second biggest in the country over 3,700 children have been registered on the scheme.  Founded by country and western singer Dolly Parton the scheme works in close partnership with Nottingham City Council, City Care and the Rotary Club of Nottingham.  Since starting in 2012 more than 85,000 books have been delivered within the City.

The main purpose of the scheme is to raise local child literacy level and foster a love of reading in pre-school children.  A free book is mailed every month to age five.  50p. a week covers the costs of the book and distribution.

Evidence confirms that the scheme delivers significant improvements in literacy and communications skills; but there are around 30,000 children below the age of five in the city.  Therefore to grow the scheme Nottingham Rotary is working with the City Council and other local benefactors.  Amongst these has been Castle Cavendish a major regeneration charity.

In October the first child registered will be graduating.

The scheme will be given additional publicity as Nottingham celebrates becoming a Unesco City of Literature