Valentines Afternoon tea at Hambledon wines.

Wed 14th February 2018 at 12.00 am - 12.00 am

Valentine’s Day – Hambledon Vineyard 

What a day - it could NOT have been wetter but despite the conditions we made the best of it, and

Tina & Tim, John B & Janis, Mary Adcock, Sue Gully, Penny & Eddie made up the party. 

The afternoon started off with a bit of a mishap as Mary Adcock, unfortunately, took a tumble getting out of the car on arrival and ‘to be on the safe side’ the Vineyard staff decided that she ought to go to hospital to be checked over.   The staff were marvellous and took her to Portsmouth hospital where they dressed the wound on her leg before returning to meet up with us all at the end of the afternoon. 

Because of the really awful weather we were restricted and an outside tour of the Vineyard was a definite ‘no no’.  Katrina, our host, gave an informative talk about the vineyard history, background and plans for the future and invited us to taste two of their sparkling wines which were delicious.  This was followed by a lovely afternoon tea and then a trip into the distillery before we headed home. 

Despite her ‘adventure’ Mary said that she had had a ‘lovely afternoon’ and although she couldn’t join us for tea, was given a ‘doggy bag’ to make up for it.