Rotary - what's it all about?

A brief insight into the Rotary Community

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Rotary is short for Rotary International - a worldwide association of local clubs for men and women in business or the professions who -

provide humanitarian service to the community at local, national and international level

encourage high ethical standards in all vocations

work for goodwill and peace in the world

Rotary was founded in 1905 and now has 1.18 million members in more than 28,000 clubs in 155 countries and 35 geographical regions. There are 1,834 clubs in Great Britain and Ireland with over 59,000 members.

Each club operates independently within a common constitution. Membership is drawn from the business and professional community. To ensure the club represents the community there are limitations on membership   from each profession or type of business. But Clubs are always pleased to hear from those in joining them.