Meeting @ Cancer Care West Support Centre Westside

Mon 5th March 2018 at 18.30 - 20.30

The Rotary Club have their club meeting in the Cancer Care West as well as a tour of their facilities including the new gym in the Cancer Support Centre in Westside Galway

Cancer Care West Cancer Support Centre Westside

The Galway Salthill Rotary Club meeting will be at the same time 6:30PM as usual; however, the venue will be located in the Cancer Care West - Cancer Support Centre, Westside.  You can click on the following link for pinpoint accuracy for the location of the venue: 


People in our community are affected by cancer every day, directly or indirectly through a loved one.  At Cancer Care West, their vision is that no-one should have to go through a cancer experience alone, and everything they do has this vision in mind.

Cancer Care West is a place that doesn’t stand still and this month, the centre is opening their new gym in the building’s top floor – an acknowledgement of the role exercise plays in helping people with cancer. The upstairs space is available now and Cancer Care West leased it, effectively doubling the 3,000 square feet the centre currently occupies.

The Cancer Care West's Cancer Support Centre in Westside provides a range of individual and group supports as well as information, classes and workshops.  They provide a hospital based Psycho-Oncology Counselling service to patients while they are receiving treatment in hospital.

The Cancer Care West's residential and long term accommodation services help to support cancer patients while they are receiving treatment, and a family member or friend can stay, free of charge also.

They are dedicated to helping one manage the impact of cancer on one's life and to support one in living life to their full potential.

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