The Children of Chernobyl...

Visit to Wicksteed Park for the Children from Chernobyl 2016


The Rotary Club of the Deepings took the Children from Chernobyl to Wicksteed Park for their annual outing, recently. This visit has become a well-established and much looked forward to event by the Children, Rotarians and Interactors who accompanied them (the Interact Club donated £150.00 towards the costs) had as much fun as the children This event is all about the children whom come from an extremely poor area of Belarus, by coming over for one 1 month their life expectancy of 45 years (Due to Radiation Contamination) is extended. They come for a month each year, on a 4 year cycle. The Joy and Happiness that they experience on the Wicksteed outing is so heart-warming and you can see how much they are enjoying themselves and where all the hardships of their lives can be temporally forgotten  I truly believe this is one of the best things we do as a Club and we can see where all our hard earned money goes, this alone makes all our efforts worthwhile.  They all collectively said a very big “Thank You Rotary” in their best limited English.  Of course for the rest of the month others care for them with days by the sea, visits to John Lewis, Dentists, Opticians  are all eagerly anticipated, but they are certain of one thing, the main highlights of their visit is  the Wicksteed Outing.

Who are the  “Children of Chernobyl”?

They are children who live in the radioactive zones of Belarus and still breathe in air that has been contaminated, they eat from a contaminated food chain and live in appalling conditions of deprivation and poverty following the major catastrophic disaster in Chernobyl on the 26th April 1986

A local group of Friends of Chernobyl's Children from Helpston, host about 23 of Chernobyl's children between the ages of 8 to 11, in their homes, for a month in July, for respite from the contamination when it's at its worst. It is a very moving and charitable act and the host families fully embrace the experience. It costs each participant a significant amount of time and money, which provides its own rewards in abundance.

If anyone who would like to help sponsor a child call Cecilia on    Tel:07779 264591

The photos of the Chernobyl Children on The Deepings Rotary Day to Wicksteed  Park


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