Marlow “Youth in the Community” Fund

Rotary Clubs in Marlow with the Shanly Foundation created a fund to support initiatives in Marlow. Air Training Corps, All Saints Crypt youth community and Sea Cadets are set to receive £2,000 each

Marlow’s Rotary Clubs, supported by the Shanly Foundation, recently announced that three local groups have been selected to share donations amounting to £6000 as a result of the Youth in the Community initiative announced in late 2017.  Created to support the development of Marlow’s young people, Marlow Air Training Corps, All Saints Crypt youth community and Marlow Sea Cadets were the three initiatives selected and will each receive £2,000 towards their respective causes.   

Marlow Air Training Corps was given a donation to support planned outward-bound activities, and to ensure the event becomes more inclusive and affordable for all of the registered charity’s 40 members. The donation will enable the corps to plan an event that will promote personal and team development.

Rotarians Derrick Southon and Mike Jones (dark blue T shirts) with the Marlow Air Training Corps

All Saints Crypt will spend the £2,000 to refurbish its facilities allowing organisers to extend its appeal through outreach with schools in the area. The new-look Crypt is expected to re-open this autumn.

Rotarian John Prout (middle) with members of the All Saints Crypt Youth Community

The donation to the Marlow Sea Cadets will be used to help more of its members take part in an upcoming group ocean-based sailing project, with organisers saying the experience will help those taking part to “understand the importance of care and respect for others” in a “highly disciplined” environment.

Rotarian Mike Cannon (right) with Nick Jones and the Marlow Sea Cadets