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Sport & Social/ Where there’s muck there’s …. Rotarians (2 November 2017)

Visit to Belle Greve Sewerage Outfall Works

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On the evening of Thursday 2 November 20 Rotarians continued there life-long learning experience by being introduced to flow rates, hydrostatic pressure, air scrubbers, archimedes' screws and a whole host more.

All this happened at Guernsey Water's Belle Greve Sewerage Outfall Works. Which was an interesting choice for a pre-cursor to an evening meal held later in Town.

You can imagine the puns that flowed throughout the evening almost as fast as the outflow itself as 6 members of Guernsey Water’s team kindly gave up their time to give Rotary Club members a guided tour of the Works which safely handles the product of 99% of the Island’s sewers.

Many interesting facts were shared and we gained an insightful understanding of the practical challenges that we face in dealing with this the most basic of life's infrastructure needs in a heavily populated island.

Thanks to event organiser Tony Spruce and the team at Guernsey Water and States Works who made us so welcome. I am sure there was a surge of volume passing through the plant  2 hours later when we all got home and took a long (very long!) hot shower!