Hythe Bay School Gardening Project

Collen Hill's update on this project

Here are  photographs of the "Garden Project" at Hythe Bay Primary School, showing the before and after. Most of you will know that this work was carried out by the members of Hythe Youth Club with monies provided by Hythe Rotary Club,  plus also a matching grant from district.

Hythe Bay School also provided funds as the original material quoted to do the work was not of sufficient quality to withstand the weather. The work unfortunately took a lot longer to complete than expected and we started to be chased by District for a completion date but with great input from our incumbent President Ian, and help from Joe Moran, we managed to keep District at bay. As you can see from the photographs below the young people from the Youth Club have made a real contribution to the appearance of the playground with a little help from Hythe Rotary.  In addition there have been a further planting of 200 spring bulbs over the half term period.  We are very hopeful of a good show next year!

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone evolved with this project including Roger Hill who helped me find the form for the matching grant but most of all to the Youth Club and School for inviting us to take part in this joint venture.