Payaswora Nepal Water Project 2017

Portland, Casterbridge and Poundbury Clubs with help of District Grant


Rotary Clubs

Portland Rotary Club, Dorchester Casterbridge and Poundbury Rotary Clubs



     Payswara is a village with 55 houses and an approximate population of 270 villagers


      Due to a leaking tank , the water supply dries up during the dry season between December and February resulting in the villagers having to make a 40 minute round trip to a tank in Bharkola to collect their water.


      To enable the villagers to have an all year round Water supply


      A Collection Chamber with filter was built at the spring leading to a newly built tank of 25000 litres lower down. The tank was fitted with taps below, so when necessary the villagers can fit hoses between the tank and their village. Another tap was built in the village itself. This provides the villagers with an all year round supply of clean water. The cost of the project was £2200.00.