Float Donation Applications 2019/ CHRISTMAS FLOAT 2017

£13,400 was raised from the wonderful Widnes Community and donation applications are temporarily on hold whilst we work our way through them. Thanks for your patience!

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Our 2017 Christmas Float raised an amazing

£13,400 !

We would like to thank and are grateful to the Widnes Community who very generously donated.

During our marathon 13 nights we walked 62.4 miles (our feet are just recovering!) and we were also present outside Asda and in the centre of Widnes.

Widnes is home to 60,000 plus people and is growing by the year.  We are only a small group of men and women so this was a massive undertaking for us and we would very much like to thank all the volunteers from the following groups, without whose help we could not continue to do this:-

8th Widnes Scouts
Widnes Fire Cadets
Active Support Scouts
Acquila Explorer Scouts
Methodist Scouts
Staff from Lunts Heath Primary School
Members of the Wonky Garden Project
Sam's Diamonds Cancer Support
Eclipse Street Cheer Dance Club
St Ambrose Church Parishioners
Westbank Boys Brigade
Staff from Fairfield Primary School
Widnes Tennis Academy
Danny - our driver each night

and of course all our friends and family!

We would also like to the thank the following businesses who give their support year in year out:-

The Runcorn branch of Northgate Vehicle Hire who very kindly let us have one of their vehicles
Asda Widnes for allowing us to bring the float to their doors over a couple of weekends.

We apologise to those people who were disappointed due to last minute, unavoidable, changes to our routes on a couple of occasions and to those who live in areas we miss.  We will continue to review all the routes to see where we can improve.

The money raised will go back into the Widnes community so thank you once again!