Pokharichap Nepal Water Project 2018

Nepal water project - Portland Rotary in conjunction with Dorchester Casterbridge, Poundbury and the Okhle Village Trust


There are 66 Houses. Population 320. Located approximately a two hour walk west of Okhle Village

The village lies on two sides of a main track. To the north of the track, high up on a col on a ridge is a non-functioning 10,000-litre tank that used to supply water to 4 stand taps in the village. To the south of the track is a pond and spring supplying clean water to the lower part of the village.

The project is to build a 25,000 Litre capacity water tank at a distance of approximately 50 metres from the three springs below the village.  They also require three taps connected to the tank by plastic pipe. This does mean water still has to be carried uphill

Site of Springs below road (track)

First Spring

Second Spring

Third Spring

Proposed Site of new Tank

Welcome by Villagers

One of the springs dries in winter. The other two springs are all year round. The supply however is slow. There is often a 30-minute queue to fill containers from the slow supply. The new tank will fill overnight and even out the supply. 

The estimated cost is still £2600.00 and still in budget. Work has been authorised to bee carried out between January and May 2018.

As noted above villagers will still have to carry water uphill to the houses. A future (probably inevitable) project would be to pump water up above the village to a storage tank and to supply taps below by gravity feed.